: My oil drain plug magnet is missing

03-20-05, 03:56 PM
Changed the oil in my 2004 SRX. It has a Northstar V8. The drain plug magnet is missing in action. Probably running loose in the crank case. I hope it want cause any damage. What's the best thing to do when this happens?

03-20-05, 04:43 PM
Get a new plug and forget it. Years ago I was replacing head gaskets on a 4.1. As I pulled the distriburor I dropped the clamp down nut and it landed right at the edge of the hole that the distributor fit into. After a sigh of relief I remember saying to myself, "now be carful stupid, don't knock it in the nmotor". I reached to pick it up and sure as I am telling you this I dropped the damn thing .... hole in one. I never heard it hit the pan so I new it was probably on the crank. I must have fished for it with a magnetic pick-up for two hours before I heard the "tink" as it fell into the pan. And that is where it stayed for the rest of the engines life.
If you really want to try to get it out, you might try running a strong magnet around on the bottom of the pan. You may pick it up thrugh the pan and manuver it to the drain hole. Then will come the fun part that I am sure will keep you busy for several hours.

03-20-05, 11:08 PM
I can't begin to describe all the stuff I have found in the bottom of aircraft engine oil sumps especially considering every maintenance event is supposed to be documented. For instance I found a complete set of magneto impulse couplings and sheared off rivets for Slick magnetos in an engine that the records show was always equipped with Bendix mags. In one engine I found about a half cup of BB sized gravel. I found another with the oil filter cartridge collapsed and plugged with cotton fibers from a rag left in a hole to keep dirt out during maintenance and someone turned the prop and sucked the rag inside. This also broke the magneto drive castings. The engine ran this way for a hundred hours. I found a small circlip in the oil scavange pump of a dry sump engine that sheared off the pump drive so all the oil wound up in the engine instead of being returned to the oil tank. Misc. stuff like rod bolts and nuts, cotter keys, O-rings, pieces of gasket, broken piston rings, valve spring seats, valve keepers, push rod sockets, safety wire clippings and you name it. On a regular basis, mechanics brought me stuff from hundreds of miles around that they had found in oil sumps that they needed to be identified. I was never stumped.