: aftermarket catalytic converter

03-20-05, 09:59 AM
I need to replace the catalytic converter on a 98 STS. Does anyone
know what brand, size, or part # is needed to replace this cat. I want
an aftermarket cat so I can have a custom exhaust set up. I'm thinking,
new cat, remove resonator, and dynamax mufflers. All thoughts greatly

03-20-05, 01:23 PM
Call a parts store. They can tell you all that stuff and they can also tell you how much it is.

03-20-05, 02:33 PM
I'd leave the resonator in if I were you otherwise it will sound like your car is powered by thousands of bees with all the drone you'll be hearing.

03-20-05, 03:10 PM
i went with a 2.5Inch magnaflow hi-flow cat converter, it completely enhanced my corsa exhaust tone. I love it, deeper tone, a little more torque . Its a universal for a 99 STS,. and this is what they gave me. I suggest this one.
i also went 2.5 so it matches the 2.5inch corsa...i dont want the car too loud. right now its perfect.