: seat memory problem . 2014 XTS

08-13-13, 03:11 PM
I picked up a new 2014 XTS yesterday and am having trouble with the seat memory

1. First of all, the manual says to “press and hold BOTH set and #1 at the same time” that obviously is wrong. If I press and release set and then press 1 I get one beep
2. BUT there seems to be some OVERRIDING SETTING . is there a way to delete all seat memory settings and start over???
3. The driving seat memory seems to work BUT DOESN’T auto go there when I start the car???
4. I programmed the “exit” memory but it doesn’t go where I set it. INSTEAD it goes to some crazy setting with the seat way back AND TITLED FORWARD
a. Yes, I have “easy exit” set to “on” on the panel
b. And I’ve tried both keys. Same problem

08-26-13, 03:22 PM
Read the manual again. I had to as well. Move the seat to your position and hit set & 1 simultaneously. It will beep. Move to your exit position. Hit set & exit simultaneously. It will beep. To fully move to a memory position, hold the proper button down until the seat, wheel, etc, are done moving. When the car engages the memory position or exit position, it will move fully.

Also, when opening your door to exit the car, be sure your hand does not hit a button. If you do, it stops the easy exit. That frustrated me until I figured it out.

08-26-13, 06:24 PM
One other thing I've found. If you put the car in Park, you can hit the seat button(s) once, and they go to their full set positions. If you are in Drive, you have to hold the button down continuously for the seats/steering wheel to move fully to their preset position. At least, this is how it works on my car. Also, as garrykolb mentions, be careful NOT to hit the seat buttons when you open the door. That stops the movement and prevents achieving the full preset position.