: 93 STS starting problem

The Director
03-19-05, 11:18 PM
The problem is when I turn the ignition the starter doesn't turn, not even a click. These past couple days I noticed a 2 second hesitation before the engine started. I have full battery power, I cleaned the battery cables/connections and still nothing.

I wanted to try to check the battery wire connection (maybe a bad connection?) to the starter but couldn't find it. Where is it?

On a side note, my driver side door lock is broken. I can't open it with my key and I have to use the passenger side. A couple of days ago I got the "wait 3 minutes" signal which I guess is part of the Theft Security System and it seemed like my car was dead when I turned the ignition except I had full battery power. So, I waited 3 minutes and everything was fine. The problem I'm having now is similar to this minus the "wait 3 minutes".

Maybe its the sensor on my key. How can I test it?

Any suggestions on what to do will be greatly appreciated. I'm going nuts over here.

03-19-05, 11:30 PM
Make sure that the positive cables are getting pressure. The bolt may bottom without putting enough pressure on the double cable ends. Had it happen to me.

The starter is under the intake manifold. You can see a battery cable go under the intake near the power steering pump. It's a chore to pull the intake because of the hoses, vacuum lines, etc. Be as careful as possible so you don't brak the plastic tubes and connectors. I'd verify the starter is getting power from the ignition switch. I do not a manual here to give you the details on where to check.

The Director
03-20-05, 03:32 AM
When you say "pressure" do you mean to tight the bolt as much possible? If so, I've tightened it all the way after cleaning the connectors and still nothing.

How do I get under the intake?

03-20-05, 10:42 AM
If the hole in a new battery isn't quite as deep, or the cable ends are worn/corroded, the bolt, no matter how much you torque it, isn't compressing the cables. I pulled mine out of the cables and put a washer under the head.

I realized the cables were "snug" but not tight. I could turn them with a good push. a gentle tug didn't move them.

You don't want to damage the battery by overtightening if the bolt is bottoming in the battery before it totally compresses the cables.

The Director
03-20-05, 06:24 PM
I checked again and they are tightly compressed that I can't even budge them with my hand.

Is there a way I can test my starter to verify if it's getting contact from the battery?

03-20-05, 10:24 PM
I believe there is a starter relay but not sure. You could check voltage there while starting. I know there were some old threads...have you searched?

The Director
03-21-05, 03:46 AM
Yeah, I searched but unfortunately nothing helped my problem.

zonie, thank you by the way!

The Director
03-22-05, 03:22 AM
Alright so I checked everything: the relay under the carpet, the battery cables, fuses, etc. Eveything was fine. Then I decided to take out the starter, when I got to it it looked fine, no corrosion and good connections. I pulled it out and took it to AutoZone to have it tested, it turns out that it was perfectly fine.

I put the starter back in and tried the ignition....guess what?

The ****ing thing started. What the heck was wrong with it?

The Director
03-22-05, 05:23 PM
Now after letting it sit over night, I tried again in the AM and nothing happened. The starter is not engaging anymore.

Back to the drawing board.

Any suggestions?

05-02-05, 07:45 PM
can you tell me what was the outcome?

The Director
05-16-05, 04:02 AM
It turned out to be the starter.

05-16-05, 11:14 AM
You had what was called a dead spot on your starter. Sometimes it will start, sometimes not. Had this happen in one of my wife's old cars. Until I fixed it, I would rock the car or put it in gear and then back to park to get off the dead spot.