: Complicated question for the audio gurus

03-19-05, 07:36 PM
I have a Sony CDX-F5705X headunit in my 97 deville. I want to change the 4 front and 2 rear 6x9 speakers. I also want to install a speaker in my dash. The headunit supports upto 23.2 watts RMS/52 peak x 4 channels. I want clear and enjoyable and not powerfull ear busting music. I have been told to look for silk speakers for the type of sound I am looking for. Can someone recommend a setup for my dash, front doors and rear 6x9s. I plan to run it off the headunit so take that into consideration. Thanks:bouncy:

03-20-05, 11:42 AM
If I understood correctly, you want to power 7 speakers using the head unit internal amplifier? No external amps?

03-20-05, 12:05 PM
Actually it's 9 because I added a pair of tweeters in the rear seat pillars. If I can get better sound quality and a little more kick in power in my music with an amp, I will use an amp. I just need somewhere to start from because I know nothing about car audio. THanks

03-20-05, 01:34 PM
9 speakers is pushing it on one head unit. Personally I would use a two channel amp to power the rear 6x9 and tweeters. And another two channel amp to power the front 4. I would wire the fronts in series, so you can run them off one power source. And then use a single amplfied speaker for the dash. If you were going to go with that setup. I will list the setup that I would use.

Infinity Kapaa 6x9s for the rear and two tweeters branching off from them powered by a cheap 2 channel amp. Then I would put whatever infinity makes that will fit in the front and branch tweeters off from them, using another amp to power it. Trust me, you will get sweet sounding music and you won't have to go through a lot of trouble.

03-21-05, 07:56 PM
I have talked to a few local shops and they suggested that I use an amp if I am going to run that many speakers. I plan on having one in the dash, one 5.25 and one tweet in both of the front doors, 2 rear 6x9 and 2 tweeters in the pillers in the rear. My rear tweeters are pioneers and the shop suggested that I use all pioneer around the car, except for sub. I want really good sound quality, what type of wattage should I be looking at and what type of amp ? What is the size of the dashboard speaker and what is the size of the second speaker in the front doors ( the tweeter ) ? As I said I want really good sound quality so I am defenetly open for ANY suggestions. What type of accesories should I buy while installing, should I put some dynomate in the front doors and rear 6x9 to minimize vibration. Any help would be appreciated.

03-21-05, 08:30 PM
I want clear and enjoyable and not powerfull ear busting music.
If money is not a problem, you may want to consider this:

A 6 channel amplifier. 2 channels for the front 5 1/4 's plus the center channel wired in a tri-speaker mode, 2 channels for the rear 5 1/4 's, and the last 2 channels bridged for a sub (you'll get a solid 150 watts RMS for bass).
I like this amp for such installations because it is very flexible when it comes to accept different loads, and has nice features for bass enhancing.
There are few companies that could offer such a good combo of price/quality as JL audio, and this option is simple, unexpensive and quick to do.

However, some people (specially boomers) could find this setup underpowered. Then you may want a 4 channel for a wiring as the described before for mids/highs and a separate amp for bass only.

And last but not least, you could get a 4 channel amp for the 5 1/4 speakers only, PLUS a small amp for the center channel only, PLUS a third amp dedicated to your bass (this is the setup I have in my car). This is the most complicated and expensive way to go, but the one that allows for a best fine tuning.

03-21-05, 08:35 PM
Oh, those settings don't consider replacing the 6x9 speakers, since in the factory setup they are for the low end reproduction. You may use the last 2 channels in the 6 channel amp to power them if you really want to replace them.
I don't recommend installing regular 2-way 6x9's since the presence of tweeters in the rear deck tends to badly affect imaging and staging.

03-21-05, 09:01 PM
What kind of 6x9s would go along with my tweeters ? I was going to get a 4 channel 6x9. Youve been a great help D148L0. How does this sound. Front 5.25 and rear 6x9 connected to 4 way amp. Front tweets and rear tweets connected to headunit. As for the dash speaker maybe a amplified speaker. As for bass, in 2 weeks or so I am going to get a JL 10' w7 along with a jl amp and box. Feel free to throw in you .2 THanks again D148L0

03-21-05, 11:26 PM
Well, it's my pleasure, Wicho.
In my opinion, no 6x9 are going to aport anything good to your setup, and even worse if they are 4 way speakers, because if they may look impressive, they tend to be very inefficient and generally will be outperformed by a good 3 or 2 way speaker.
Let me elaborate:

The ultimate goal in high-end, audiophile level audio, is to reproduce music as close as possibly to the way it was recorded. Most times that means that the main source of sound will be located in front and a little above your sitting position, with rear sound doing a filling job. Installing tweeters in the rear deck will interfere with that goal.

Even if you don't want to get that kind of setup, and just want a system that sounds very, very good but with a more "in the middle of the action" approach, using good 5 1/4 (or even 6"speakers as some members have done) in the four doors, will give you more than enough mid and high range, specially considering that you have an extra 4 tweeters.

In most caddys, the rear 6x9 function as woofers. Since you are already getting such a nice combo of sub/amp :thumbsup: , you could use that money to get better wiring, or any other component of the system. My advice? remove the original 6x9 and use the holes as vents for the sound waves from your sub (That is what I did in my car, and with a single 12" sub I get more bass than you would believe).

I like 6x9 speakers in certain applications, but they are not my first choice, and specially not in our cars.

Keep us updated...

03-22-05, 07:27 PM
What would I have to do to fit the 6 inch speakers in the 5.25 slots ? Does anyone know the size of the dash speaker ? Also what is the size of the smaller speaker in the front doors ? Thanks

03-23-05, 10:15 AM
The dash speaker is a 6 x 4
The small speakers in the doors are tweeters (I don't remember the size but it is not relevant, they come in a plate. You can very easy fit 1" tweeters in there.
What to do? make the hole bigger, man. Do a search for 6" speakers.

03-23-05, 01:50 PM
A few more quick questions before I head out the door to get my speakers. I am looking at a pair of Infinity 6x9 2 ways that are rated at 46-21,000 Hz. This means that it has a range from 46 to 21,000 Hz correct ? For the dash I am going to buy Infinity Reference 6402cfp 4x6 2 ways, frequency responce is 72-21,000 HZ, 45 RMS power, 135 w. For the front doors Infinity Kappa 50.5cs comps, 55-21000 Hz, 85 RMS power and 255w peak. How does this set up sound ? For amps I'm looking around for a pair of cheap 2 way. I'll hook up th fronts together in one amp and with the other amp I'll hook up the 6x9 and rear tweets. for the dash i'll run it off the HU. As for the 6x9 I am undecided, it's either INfinity reference 6902i or the 9603i, what would you recommend since both have the same stats, I am sure the more expensive one sounds better but I am going with what you said and just use the rear to "fill in". Thanks for all the help guys, I try and take some pics when I am installing. THANKS !!:thumbsup:

03-23-05, 03:48 PM
To install the dash speaker, would I have to remove the entire dash board ? I just checked out to see the space I have to work with an noticed that there is no acces directly to the HU from where the speaker would sit.