: Few STS questions..engine, suspension??

03-19-05, 06:55 PM
Ok . Hoping some people have a better grasp on this for me that I do.

1- has anyone had experience with installing stiffer transmission mounts that are offered by RSM. How do they feel.

i had them in my supercharged RegalGS 1999. and they had a stiffer feel, and it was great, everyone said" NOT FROM EXPERIENCE" oh it will be shaky, and rattle more etc etc...well it was nothing like that all.IT felt more solid, stiffer, and held nicely when flooring the car. The only thing is the time to install them, pain in the ass, and cost.

are there any strut tower bars available for the STS. my regalGS had them, I know the STS has one in the engine bay across the towers ...but what about inside the trunk??? RSm charges 220...any other companies known? or is there a dealer part available.

Lower springs. I see some members have a 1inch drop...it looks great! whats the popular company u guys seem to go with, and thats all you went with. just the springs?
How about the rubber spring spacers for the rear springs on launches,. keeps the back stiffer...anyone go with those?

i hear the 100,000 mile spark plugs in the N* i shouldnt go with any other? otherwise it will throw off the entire cars performance etc...yet a see some members talking about some different kind of plugs and how it performs better?

And how do you exactly check the codes on a 99STS ?? whats that proceedure?

I think thats it for now.

03-19-05, 07:07 PM
I also have to replace some mounts on my car, and was considering the aluminum ones from RSM. Other than RSM, I don't know of any other company that offers a rear strut tower brace for the STS. As far as which spark plugs are best, the overall consensus us that the AC Delco Platinum plugs are the best for the Northstar.

Are you doing the mounts yourself? If so, let me know hwo you went about getting the front one, out from between the exhaust and radiator.

03-19-05, 07:56 PM
u da man dan! LOL
always good with info, thanks.
Yep mounts ill do myself. Im a diehard buick guy. so i am trying to familiarize myself with the STS. the mount is a little diff from the GS. GS was simple in every aspect for modification. Once i buy the Mount and install it, ill make sure to post a thread on my proceedure.

what about springs and checking the codes? dunno....

03-19-05, 08:04 PM

03-19-05, 08:16 PM
What year is your STS. I know that Eibach has a set of spring for the STS, but to make it work well, you might have to reposition the rear Shock level sensor. I've seen a few cars with the Eibach springs that didn't do it, and the rear sat up really high, because the computer thought the car was stiing lower, and pumped more air into the shock. It's not to hard to move them, and they only need to be adjust the amount fo the drop to compensate.

To check codes, depends on the year. My 1998 STS, is pretty easy. It's the same method for 1996-2003 I believe. Hold the info up button, and on/off button for a few seconds, until everything lights up. The, using the info button you can scroll through the menu and find the codes. Use the on/off button to select stuff in the menu.

A seperate thread with details of the mounts replacement would be great. Oh, almost forgot, that video was f**kin' awesome!!! I see you were beating up on some F bodies and Mustangs pretty good...hehe. :thumbsup:

03-19-05, 08:44 PM
hehehehe. screw those stangs!!!!
ok i gotta write down that little code check.
i have a 99 STS btw....

well the springs, ill look into and just have a shop install them so they can do that little compensation bit for me. springs are a pain in the ass in the driveway.

i cant wait to get those mounts, ill def get that rear strut bar,, ill port out my own TB with a dremel etc.... no way am i paying 425 for the RSM.

whats the deal with the intake manifold on these things...anything to port out...smooth, allow for better airflow, or no? nice combo with the TB.

03-19-05, 10:36 PM
Well, there's not much you can do with the intake manifold, especially since that molded plastic is kind of hard to work with. Not much there to remove really. If your willing to try it, a few of us have wondered what gains there might be from porting the exhaust manifolds. I also heard somebody was going to try porting just the exhaust ports in the heads as well. It's not recommended to port the intake ports though, due to the drop in low end torque.

Other mods I would suggest would be a higher stall speed torque converter, as well as freeing up the exhaust. Yank Converters makes a nice one for the 4T80E, and as far as exhaust options go, Corsa is by far the best. That's what I've got on my car, and it's sounds amazing.

03-19-05, 11:44 PM
That is one of the best videos I have ever seen. I could not believe it when I saw the Regal crushing F-bodies and stangs :eek: Any idea how many ponies the Regal is putting to the pavement? What does it 0-60 and quarter-mile? I know its off subject but that Regal was awesome. Thanks for the vid and post more anytime. :thumbsup:

03-20-05, 01:15 AM
LOL no problem
I never dynoed my regal..but estimated HP to the wheels is about 320 with a mild cam.
and over 400lbs of torque.
my best 1/4mile was a 12.63@107.9MPH with a 2.3560ft which is not hooking up to well, ideally if i could have gotten a 2.0 which most people get, that about 5-6 tenths off your ET.
the car was a total monster, a drunk driver totalled it by hitting me

as for my STS i currently have the corsa exhaust with a 2.5inch magnaflow hi flow CAT, i went 2.5inch for not ridiculous noise. the CAT def improved the sound of corsa by FAR and more power, i love it

i ported out my intake box with a dremel, i have pics if anyone wants to see.
next is the TB.
the 3800 V6 grand prix guys port the intake manifold which is plastic, thats y i brought it to you guys attention. the 3800 series guys see some gains from it.

id really hafta take off the manifold and check it out..it could be a totally diff design and not do shit.

port the exhaust manifolds. i thought there was nothing to be done b.c it wasnt cast or something...just welded manifolds that only could be extrude honed which is big bucks

im trying little things...heads i wanna leave alone, maybe until theres PCM upgrades...
i dont wanna crack into em yet..cause i know if i do, id go all out and get valves , bronze guides, etc etc... this motor is more complicated also, i dont wanna see things start to break, u know how once u ticker with em, its never the same.

03-20-05, 04:08 AM
Fudge, I meant extrude hone not port...damn I alwasy get those mixed up. :banghead: .

PCM upgrade...you might as well forget that while your ahead. People have been trying to get into that thing for years now, with no luck what so ever.

There's really nothing you can do with the heads, short of getting some stronger valve springs, which are really not neaded. There are cams available, but there not worth the trouble, if the car is going to be driven on the street. You'll loose to much low end torque with them.

To be quite honest, there really isn't anything you can do with the northstar itself, as far as serious mods go. It's doesn't have the kind of aftermarket following that the 3800 engine does. Most of the stuff that's available, is things that are attached to the engine basically. Stuuf Like the TB, air box, exhaust, transmission,..ect. Modifying the engine to make any real reliable power, would probably cost a small fortune.

Just out of curiosity, what kind of power are you planning to get from it. Also, what 1/4 miles times, do you think you'll get when your done?

03-20-05, 03:15 PM
id just want to see high to low 13's in this car. thats what id be satisfied with. And so far it doesnt seem like MUCH is needed to do so.

but the 60mph launching power on this N* is where the power is made. its a highway monster.
off the line it needed a little kick.
i like the LSD, but i rather have some people have them in thier car first and give back positive feedback before i go and buy one. unfortunatly nobody seemed to have gotten em yet.
the torque converter although seems to help, doesnt interest me.

the TB, will get done, ill check out some intake manifolds in the junkyards and see what thats all about, and maybe ill check out the exhaust manifolds.

there seems to be PCM work for the 95 STS., but not newer, whats up with that.

03-20-05, 03:47 PM
Since the 1995 and older models were OBDI, they had removably EEPROM chips, where as the 1996 and newer cars, are OBDII, and have the chips integrated driectly into the board. The older cars, you could simply reflash the chip, and put it in. You can't do that woht the OBDII cars, since the chip must be reflashed while still attached to the board. This means, that you need to use software, capable of adjusting the setting, of the onboard chip. As of now, nobody has been able to access it, and change any settings.

There really isn't that much to be gained from tuning the PCM, unless your using forced induction. All the setting are pretty much optomized for maximum performance. If you swapping out parts and stuff, it might make better use of them, if your ever able to tune it.

To be quite honest, a higher stall torque converter, is you best shot at increasing the launch of the car. Anywhere from 3200rpm to 3500rpm, is what many recommend for the max increase in performance, without sacrificing to much drivability of the car.