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03-19-05, 07:23 AM
I know there is a couple of you on here with a wet setup. What make of kit did u use? (maybe a part#) I know there is not really a N* specific application, not that I have found anyway. I was ready to give up on this thing, but I think some spray will give me another year of fun? Take on some of those Doge Neons....dang....:want:

03-19-05, 12:47 PM
I think I heard someone use the wet system for the 3800 V6 engine, in a slightly modified way. I think they just added two addition jets to the system.

03-19-05, 02:33 PM

Iceheart or whatever his new name is was using a multi port wet kit from NOS. He was running a 125 shot and I think it was timeserted beforehand but I'm not sure.

03-20-05, 08:56 AM
Well i got the local guy to call around for me, he's going to get back to me on monday with some prices i guess. In the mean time I had some exhaust thrown on. Nothing Exciting, just Raven 55's. Although I couldn't b happier with the results. I'll post some videos if i get a chance. With my beltronics timer I dropped my time 2 a 14.6 E/t, & 6.2 0-60...not bad i guess...Best part is, you can barely hear them inside at WOT, and they have nice rumble while idling.

03-22-05, 02:19 AM
if a beltronics timer is one of those devices you put on your dash they arent very accurate just to let you know

03-22-05, 09:23 AM
It is, i just got it to c how it works. The track doesnt open here untill the end of april so I wont b able to actually check it against that. I have been testing it on several of my friends vehicles, and it seems to b pretty close to what they run on at the track. I guess ill find out in april. Do u actually know someone who ran one at the track? There is a couple of settings you have to change to adjust it to your car, like pitch and weight etc., I used to have a Gtech which I did run at the track with my other cars, it was only .1 off the tree.....