View Full Version : GM... SERIOUS March Madness Incentives!

03-18-05, 06:30 PM
If you live in the South Central region, you better rush out and get your self a Bonneville GXP. It is the highest incentivized car on the list right now.

3.9 for 72 months, PLUS 2500 cash back.

Check out the incentives in your area... come on, lets help GM out and go buy some cars :D

SRX has 1500.00 back no matter where you go, must be a bunch of those around.


03-18-05, 08:34 PM
I've noticed that 20% off of MSRP is a reasonable expectation nowadays on Fords and Lincolns. I can't believe it. I can remember being really proud of myself for getting 15% once, and 18% was unheard of but occasionally possible.

You can even get 25% off MSRP on the remaining 2004 models. I'm sure GM has to match anything Ford does.

03-18-05, 11:22 PM
Yea it almost seems like a disease, where it just keeps eroding away at the bottom line more and more and more. First it was rebates, then it was 0 percent financing, THEN chrysler started doing 0 plus which was 0 percent and a small rebate, now alot of dealers are doing LOW finance rates, cash back, and MORE dealer incentives on top of that.

03-19-05, 06:50 PM
Well anymore it seems GM can't sell cars without giving out rebates, incentives, sales, etc.

03-21-05, 09:58 AM
or buy one truck get a car free.