: city cadillac long island city ny

03-18-05, 01:57 PM
ever since my dad bought his first deville in 1967 i have been hooked. used to do biz with baer cadillac. they closed and i started using city cadillac's service dept, pretty good. did a smartbuy on my sts a couple of months ago with a guy named vance, prices were sharp, nice people over there.

03-27-06, 09:15 PM
These guys SUCK.. I repeat they are the worst. I went in for an oil change, they overfilled it like crazy and made a half case leak start where there wasn't one. Also, in the process they leave my lights and kill my battery.. then they say their gonna hook it up to some charger and I told them to becareful cause I have lots of electronics in my car and the service guy has the balls to give me an attitude and say its not their problem if i have "ILLEGAL" stuff in there!!
I almost strangled that idiot.. worst experience I have ever had in my life.
Also called them about changing my transmission solenoids once and they kept saying I needed to pull my tranny out, even while I was saying to only do the solenoids!

City Cadillac :brutal:

08-03-06, 06:18 PM
With my current (and soon to be former) sales rep, Marino, i have had bad experiences. My Car is under warranty until October of 2007 and Citty Cadillac and my sales rep disregard many of my concerns with either a "you're the second owner, you bought a used car" (as if a warranty is not transferable) or "take it back to where you bought it from". Constantly threatned with the "if nothing's wrong i have to charge you" BS. Whether my complaint was a $5 piece of plastic on the inside, or help understanding my navigation system, they were always their to let me know i can always "look at the manual". I would not recommend bringing your vehicle to City Cadillac in Long Island City.