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08-11-13, 11:08 PM
I'm interested in buying a 1970 convertible and am trying to educate myself on all the equipment that came on them. I want to make sure the car I buy is complete. I have both an owners manual and a repair manual, but both are silent on the questions I have.

1) Why do some cars have two braces from the firewall to the top of the fender well and some don't have any and some may have one? All cars came with them and they were removed over the years?

2) Why the different style air cleaner lids? Some are smooth top, some have ridges. Why the difference?

3) Does the VIN tag tell what optional equipment came on the car? Like cruise, auto dimming lights, etc.

4) Why do some cars have a vacuum line in the top of the air cleaner lid? Does that indicate the car was destined for California? How do you tell a California car? Prefer not to have one (smaller gas tank and some other things..........)

5) How can you tell the car came with a posi-track rear axle, other that gassing it/looking at the stipes or looking at the code on the dif? Designated on the VIN tag?

6) Is there a supplier who repairs factory cruise control parts so they function like they should?

7) Why do some cars have the Cadillac crest on top of the hood (hood ornament) along with the crest on the front of the hood? Owner added the top one???

Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise!!


08-12-13, 11:22 PM
Only thing i can say for sure is that the engine bay braces should be on EVERY RWD caddy at least until 92 (not sure about 93s and up) so if they are missing, somebody at some point thought they were just in the way!

08-13-13, 02:03 AM
1. All the cars should have the engine braces.

2. Stock air cleaner lids are smooth.

3. The VIN tag tells only the year, model, and build sequence. For more info on the car, check the cowl tag, located on the driver's side in front of the windshield. It tells the model, body number, original paint and interior trim code, original top color, build date, and option codes (though not all factory-installed options may be listed).

4. The vacuum port on top of the air cleaner is for the auto-leveling compressor, if the car was so equiped. CA cars have an orange oil breather cap. AFAIK, there is no difference in the size of the gas tank for CA cars vs. cars sold in other states.

5. Posi-track may or may not be designated on the cowl tag.

6. Check Hemmings Motor News.

7. The stand-up crest on the hood was a dealer-installed option.