: ETCBM Needed!

03-18-05, 12:57 PM
I need and ETCBM (Electronic Traction Control Brake Module - I think).:bonkers: Anyone have any idea where I might find one at a reasonable price?

If I can't find one, anyone want to buy freshly re-built (engine and trans) '98 Catera? Speedo doesn't work and it will not pass California emission becuase the check engine light is on.

03-18-05, 02:55 PM
If you are absolutely sure you need the EBTCM (Electronic Brake and Traction Control Module), it is about $675 at gmpartsdirect.com. I have seen them on eBay, however (there is a 99-01 module for sale right now) so you might wait. Also, if you watch eBay and see someone selling a lot of body parts (air bags, fenders, etc) on eBay, that person might be parting out a car. Email them and see if they have the EBTCM that you need. I've found many parts that were not listed in that manner.

However, I am concerned about the speedo not working (since the speedo gets its signal from the EBTCM). Are a number of other accessories also not working, such as cruise control? And is that how you determined that the EBTCM is bad? Where I'm going with this is that it would be a shame for you to dump a car with a freshly rebuilt engine and transmission when the problem MIGHT be a loose connection in the harness or a bad wheel sensor. Can you get someonme to read the trouble codes from the EBTCM and the engine trouble codes (if any) that are causing the CE lamp to light?

03-18-05, 06:05 PM
I am almost certain that it is th EBTCM. When I had the tranny re-built the mechanic was looking into the problem, but never decided if it was the wheel sensor or the EBTCM. Well I took it back to the mechanic so that he could get a better look at it. After having the car for a week, we said the problem is definitely the EBTCM. He said that he was able to check the signals from the wheel sensors, and they are all working correctly. Apparently the EBTCM is getting all the signals it needs, it just isnít sending out the right signals.

I will keep an eye out for a good used on ebay. I hate to sink more money into this pit.:banghead:

03-18-05, 06:29 PM
No criticism of your mechanic intended, but I would be curious as to how he tested the sensors. To do it properly, he would have needed to put the car on a lift and spin the wheels at a known speed and observe the output signal at the connector to the EBTCM (assuming that he had actually read the codes from the EBTCM with a scan tool and was unable to diagnose the problems that way). Do you know if the mechanic was properly equipped? My experience is that SOME non-dealer mechanics don't have the right tools to get the scan codes and thus try to deduce the problem. A simple continuity check of the sensors is not sufficient to find always find the problem. Just don't want to see you "sink more money into the pit" unnecessarily. That is really frustrating. :crying2:

03-19-05, 05:28 PM
I noticed the EBTCM now selling for less than $600 at GMpartsdirect.com.

03-21-05, 11:14 AM

I too am a little skeptical when it comes to non dealers diagnosing electrical/computer problems like this. However I am confident that my mechanic has the ability to accurately diagnose the problem. He does have a lift, and the proper scan tool. I have found a used EBTCM that they person guaranties to work for $150.00 + $15.00 for shipping. I think I will try that first. I still plan on selling this car as soon as I get this fixed. I am just tiered of the constant worrying about what and when something will go wrong next.

03-28-05, 10:49 AM
Like many of you...I need my EBTCM replaced. I just got one on ebay and now need to put it in. Does anyone know where its located in the car? Thank you

03-28-05, 11:01 AM
It is mounted on the front of the Master Cylinder.

How much did you pay for it off of ebay?

04-04-05, 12:33 PM
i got it for $50 or so. but its 'as is' the guy didnt know if it works or not

04-05-05, 01:59 PM
Well I finaly got me EBTCM. Now I just need to make time to put it on. Man I hope this thing fixes the speedo problem.:confused: I need to sell this car as I just bought a new truck. If this doesn't fix it I guess I will take it to TJ (Mexico) and unload it there.:D

04-28-05, 02:05 PM

Finally got the EBTCM put it and it works!

AND I have sold the car!!!!! :bouncy:


I think I ended up with about $300.00 more into it than I was able to sell it for.

Whata relief! No more sleepless nights worring about what is going to go wrong next.

04-28-05, 04:15 PM
What are you going to get next? (car)

04-29-05, 01:50 PM
I have already bought a '02 Chevy Avalanch Z71. It is fully loaded, the only option it doesn't have is the Bose stereo, (Which I am not even sure if it was an option).

Anyway I got a pretty good deal on it, and it only had 23,000 miles one it. It also already has nice aftermarket wheeles and all terrain tires.

I needed a truck becuase the in-laws have retired and are moving to thier Ranch property thatis out in the sticks. You have to drive 10 miles up a forest access road to get to thier place. Half of the road is actually the creak that comes down from the top of the canyon. I needed something 4 wheel drive so we can make the trip back and forth to visit.