: Am I the only one who hates the direction of new interiors?

02-08-03, 01:41 PM
I hate 'em! All of 'em! Every new car I look at (most current redesigns made after 2001 or so) has a metallic interior. Why does it need to be this way? Who's asking for this? Why? I don't want to sit in an aluminum can. I don't want my arm to stick frozen to the metal armrest in the winter - or melt and peel apart in the summer.. What's going on? I think I'm finally going to be completely turned-off about buying a brand new car any time soon...

Does anyone else feel this way? Or, can someone explain what happened to plush interiors? Who started this crap, anyway?

02-08-03, 03:24 PM
I thought you said you LIKED the the interior on the XLR?

02-08-03, 05:10 PM
It's okay. Compared to the CTS, I love it. But compared to the current STS, I hate it...

02-08-03, 05:25 PM
Mercedes has some great interiors

02-08-03, 07:58 PM
I dont really like it too much, but its ok. I like the wood trim, that is my favorite part of interiors. Mercedes and BMW, cant beat it. Also jaguar.

02-08-03, 09:14 PM
i think they are headed the right direction in their sporty models going with metallic look but they should also offer luxury version of them with lots of wood.
In the bigger more luxurious versions, there is no doubt in my mind that nothing can't replace the warm wooden interior.

maybe being in 20s has something to do with me liking the metallic interior.

Dead Sled
02-09-03, 12:20 AM
I agree I got a thing for guages and switches, and many new cars lack so very much on teh inside

02-09-03, 08:27 PM
I absolutely HATE carbon fiber. I'm also not too fond of that brushed aluminum look.

02-10-03, 08:22 AM
I want wood and leather all over the place.. If I buy a new Cadillac and it's got the Nissan Altima look on the dash, I'll buy the stick-on wood grain to take care of that...

02-10-03, 08:55 AM
I think a combination of the two would be fine...keep aluminium for sporty models like the CTS but definitely wood and leather for luxury models

02-10-03, 09:07 AM
Right. That sounds fine to me.. I want my STS to be comfortable and plush but powerful...

02-10-03, 10:38 AM
This trend is Inspired by our little rice headed friends! The Idiots that paint their cars neon green inside and out! The same Idiots that put fake billet aluminum/carbon fiber parts everywhere. The car companies look at these trends and try to figure out how to cash in on them to appeal to a young upcoming market! They figure ( And they're usually right ) That these Idiots will eventually want to trade in the JUNK that they're driving now on a car that works better but still has some of the features they like so they trend in the direction of these peoples tastes. In the '60s & '70s you hardly ever saw a factory vehicle with alloy wheels. Everybody was buying new cars and first thing they did was change the wheels. Now, You hardly see a car without alloys unless it's a stripped down base model and even some of them come standard with alloys! Car companies learn from the buying public what to put on their cars!

02-10-03, 02:10 PM
I think Cadillac should stay away from the 15 year old mentality, though. But you're right - that's exactly what they're doing.. Do you think these kids will still like this stuff when they can afford a Cadillac? I dunno.. I know people think I'm strange when I say I'll still be listening to Metallica "Kill 'em All" when I'm 85... Maybe Cadillac is doing the right thing for them. But, I think they're starting about 10 years too early...