: New member -1969 Fleetwood Limo

08-11-13, 11:51 AM
Just joined , just purchased a 1969 Fleetwood Limo.
body and interior is in good shape ,none of the windows work ,air condition doesn't work, 472 motor- odometer reads 91,000 (may be 191,000?) needs rebuild job,paint job and new door gasketing.

want to rebuild motor and trans, paint, fix air condition and problem with windows not operating.

any comments or suggestions would greatly be accepted!
Thanks In Advance

08-11-13, 12:29 PM
Wow, congrats!!! What a great car. Welcome to the forum and keep us up to date on the progress. I'd love to see some interior pics!!

08-11-13, 02:43 PM
Gorgeous! Glad you joined and shared it with us. I will look forward to following your project in the Past Cadillac section of the forum.


08-12-13, 03:04 PM
Looks like a solid car that just needs a little lovin'! Congrats and :welcome:

08-12-13, 03:47 PM
any comments or suggestions would greatly be accepted!
First, blow out the back wall of your garage.

08-12-13, 06:06 PM
That is gorgeous. Welcome aboard!

08-12-13, 11:18 PM
More pictures! MORE!!!

08-13-13, 04:44 AM

As long as the A/C is not working plug out the electrical connection to the A/C compressor to avoid the clutch from engaging. When the system is empty you don't want that pump to work so it doesn't eat itself. Also saves your belts.

You can get all the replacement parts you listed. People here are very willing to help you out here. This place is a good place with good people. :)

08-13-13, 11:06 PM
It looks like a nice car!!

08-13-13, 11:18 PM
What are the bumps on the rear decklid? Looks like a really cool car.

08-14-13, 03:35 AM
What are the bumps on the rear decklid? Looks like a really cool car.

Openings for the rear cabin ventilation

08-14-13, 04:12 AM
Isn't it supposed to be one forward and one backward though?:hmm:

08-14-13, 08:02 AM
I was drooling over a black 69 just like this one a couple years ago. I stopped to take pics. The interior was thrashed and I had no cash so it went to the crusher for scrap price. I loved those scoops on the rear quarters. I think it had a 3rd row of seats or a folding jump seat or something inside. That was definitely top of the line in 69.

08-14-13, 10:00 AM
Isn't it supposed to be one forward and one backward though?:hmm:
It is what I presumed for deviding cabins...

08-14-13, 11:11 AM
That's SWEET! I lived in Jacksonville NC for a while. Good old Camp LeJeune.

08-14-13, 02:44 PM
I love this styling a lot ,one of my fave car designs ever :)
Who needs Pagani Huayra photo to embellish their walls ;)

08-14-13, 02:46 PM
Congrats on your purchase. If you have enough room to store her, itīs a great car; the kind of vehicle used by Presidents and Heads of State.

First of all, check carefully windows fuse. Frequently it seems ok but itīs burned. Try a new one.

For the air conditioning, follow 70eldoīs advice. Supposing all fan speeds and air distribution work ok, first make a deep cleaning of the system, and try to charge the circuit with oil and gas (I recommend R-12) with some dye and check for possible leaks. It has a double system for front and rear area. My 69 had no leaks but I changed compressor -as it was about to seize- and cleaned circuit (including drier bottle and expansion valve change) and now it works.