: Camshaft markings, possibly mixed intake and exhaust.

08-10-13, 11:27 PM
This is a follow up to my broken timing belt. Made a lot of progress. Heads cleaned and machined. Installed all new valves. Heads back on the block. Normal Valve spring compressor did not fit this engine. manual Says you need an adapter. No way to get it on the weekend, so I cut two windows in a piece of black tube just like the real tool. Worked like a charm to get those retainers in.


I might have mixed up the exhaust and intake cams. The manual says there is blue paint on the on the intake cam and green on the exhaust cam. No fgiggin way. It probably wore off after 240,000 miles. It says there is also casting code. B or G for intake, and A for exhaust. Mine have A1, A5, E3, and E5. Are you kidding me!!!!

What now?

I have done the belt before at 110,000 miles, so I should be OK if I can figure out the cams. If not, I wonder how long before they disintegrate or burn up.