: Need some technical help/ suggestions from guys that know!!

10-05-03, 02:09 AM
The warranty on my '01 STS will be out in a few days.

I'm looking to bump the hp a little but i'm keeping the stock exhaust. At most i'll gut the cats but that's it for the exhaust. I have to keep the stock exhaust because i'm a Realtor 1st of all and I don't need any noise or loud rumbles. I listened to the sound bytes on the Corsa exhaust and it sounds GREAT but there is no-way I can have it cause it's just to loud for what I do.

What I want to do is use a wet system and spray-it with a 150 to 175 hp shot. To compliment that i'll need a program to raise my timing, fuel curve and shift points.

Is there ANYONE with any experience with reprograming these cars or playing with the parmiters of the computer???
If anyone can just tell me what software to use and where I can get it, i'll try it myself to make my own program.

A tranny build-up and a 3,500 stall would really help but i'm not going to those links right now and doubt there is any converters for fwd made-up to my liking just sitting on a shelf somewhere.

Can someone point me the direction if anyone makes a Nitrous system for the Northstar? I've heard or read somewhere that people are using LT1 or LS1 kits but I need to know for sure. I don't need to hear this has been discussed already cause that's all I could find with searchs on this site and google for Nitrous & Northstar
Someone please point me in the direction of an e-mail or web-site to get ahold of someone using Nitrous on a Northstar.

I'd also like opinions and comments on how well you think a bonestock Northstar will handle 175 shot of spray with the right program.

The program is SSOOO important, i'll do it myself if I have to. I know some engineers with GM and over @ Buick so if it comes down to it I may have to call in some favors and pull some stings to do this. I may be the 1st to ever come up with a program for these cars but someone has got to. If I can't find anyone that'll try then I'm willing to invest the money to get someone who can! Anyone want to invest ???? Again thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.

From previous experience with other cars I believe that I can get high to high-mid 13s out of it and 98 to maybe 100MPH in the 1/4 with this combo. Will be just enough to hurt some not-so-stock Mustangs, and really hopped up ricers.

This is my driver and needless to say I won't be spraying it everyday just on those rare occasions when I need it to pull away from the guy i'm running be it on the track or someone I roll up on, on the street.


Allante North *
10-05-03, 12:22 PM
Hey Buickman,

I removed the cat prior to doing my exhaust. I too love the Corsa, but you may be right about being to loud for showing properties to clients. Removal of the cats will aid some, but if its power you want the heads would be a good start. A new member here and former moderator on the GMForums could help some. His handle here is Shadolvr400 I think. He might be able to help with the NO2. Another member that I can't recall the handle for has a dragstrip in Crossville, TN. He put N)2 on his daily driver Seville. He has had some tranny issues to resolve after a rebuild, but might also offer some advice.

It is nice to see you here. I spoke with you on another occasion on the other board about a possible trip to BG Dragway.


10-05-03, 04:28 PM
He dude, was @ the Knoxville dragstrip off Hwy 33 Friday night.

That guy that owns the Crossville track, did his N02 cause his tranny problems??? It can, that's something that's been bugging me but was hoping I could get by without touching the tranny cause I wouldn't be spraying alot. I really don't want to go to the expense and links of changing or working the heads. I just want to do a simple bolt-on N02, gut the cat, and reprogram the computer.

Doesn't anyone have any ideas of who I can talk to about the computer???

Anyone??? Anyone????

Allante North *
10-05-03, 09:22 PM
He did the tranny work before the NO2. That was the way I remember it. I haven't been to the track in some time. I will try to find his email address and have him get up with you.

10-05-03, 11:29 PM
He did the tranny work before the NO2. That was the way I remember it. I haven't been to the track in some time. I will try to find his email address and have him get up with you.