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08-09-13, 06:36 PM
Stopped by dealer for oil change. While waiting, GM stops by to chat. Says he just got an XTS-V in today. So we went for a drive. :cool: My impressions:
Decent size - slightly larger than the STS-V. Front seat room is great. Rear seat legroom is deceptive, since the rear seats have a LOT of depth. Might be an issue for really tall folks only if the person in the front seat pushes it ALL the way back.
Voice activated controls are AMAZING. No more stupid, cryptic, staccato commands you have to remember - just talk. It recognizes 12,000,000 words and phrases. Understood myself and Paul (GM) who has a pretty thick Brittish accent. No problems. Switched back and forth between us with none of the "pardon" or "no speech detected" crap we are all used to.
No more buttons - touch screen and touch controls. Very sleek. Lots of device support (up to 10 devices). So phone, iPod, bluetooth devices, SIM card support, USB jacks, everything.
3.6L Twin Turbo with very quick and responsive paddle shifting. Almost NO turbo lag. Auto trans, but "sport" mode with manual paddle shifting is there and responds much quicker than our tip-tronic trans. Close to what I have in the AMG. Magnetic ride control. Automatic adaptive all-wheel drive - meaning that if it detects wheel slip, it jumps automatically into all-wheel drive; automatically reverts to rear-wheel above 30-35mph. Something I could really use here in Chicago in the winter! Not as much power as our V, but very quick. Power is there if you need it.
Interior is nearly on par with ours - certainly much better than the CTS junk of old. Decent trunk space which can easily hold 3-4 sets of golf clubs, and has fold-down split rear seats if you really need more room.
Not as quick as the Tesla I drove last week, but certainly nicer inside than any Tesla. And significantly cheaper than the $100K you would pay for a performance-series Tesla.
Loaded, out the door cost of the XTS-V was $70,280.
I shot pictures of outside the car and the sticker. Not much to see under the hood with the panels all in place. I can try and upload if anyone wants to see them.


Cadillac Cust Svc
08-09-13, 08:16 PM
Hello bobs-sts-v,

Glad to hear that you got to drive the XTS-V! It seems from the post you were pretty satisfied with the vehicle! Thank you for posting your review, is there any feedback I can document and pass along regarding the vehicle?

Gregory W.
Cadillac Customer Care

08-09-13, 08:49 PM
There is no xts v. There's an xts v sport but no v model.

08-09-13, 09:19 PM
My local dealer should have his XTS Vsport in any day now. I'm looking forward to driving it as I have really grown to like the normal XTS.

08-10-13, 02:30 PM
There is no xts v. There's an xts v sport but no v model.
I stand corrected - it is the Vsport model in the Vseries. It has the "neutered" V badge on the back. Pics on the STS-V forum - same thread title - since I currently own a real V.
I am rapidly approaching the end of my extended warranty and don't want to downsize the vehicle (son is 6' 5", and I like to drive with the seat back). First reasonable alternative from Cadillac I have found.
Certainly not the HP or top-end performance I am used to, but at least it is a viable alternative other than going to another make. Still waiting to drive a 2014 CTS-V.