: P036 Since changing crossover

03-16-05, 11:24 AM
The repair shop finally put my car back together after damaging the water pump crossover while changing the water pump. They had to install a new crossover, the pump, belt, etc.

When I left the garage, around 180 degrees the service engine light came on, It's done that on 3 start ups since I got my car back and each time it comes on right around 180 degrees as the engine is warming up. I see the code is an egr pintal position out of range, something like that. I remember someone saying that the crossover from a different year and something about the egr pipe so I'm thinking they may have had to do something with the egr when they changed the crossover and that may be the reason that I'm getting that code. The computer says P036 current, does the garage need to check their work or is it coincidence that this code just happened to apear at the same time they changed the crossover.

Any comments would be appreciated before I call the repair shop.

03-16-05, 03:27 PM
Since the EGR valve mountes on the water crossover casting it seems very coincidental that the code for the EGR valve operation would start to appear just after the shop removed it and reinstalled it....or did they buy a used crossover from a scrap yard and leave the old EGR valve on it from the other engine it was removed from...????

I would certainly show up at the shop that did the work and at least ask some questions. It is possible that they did everything right and just left a tiny scrap of gasket material or other debris in one of the passages to the EGR valve that has jammed or stuck the pintle... Likely, if it is your original EGR valve that they removed and reinstalled on the new water crossover casting it will be fairly easy to remedy. Possibly simply removing the valve and cycling the pintle will dislodge the debris (if that is the problem) or cleaning the pintle shaft will alleviate the problem.

Search using "EGR cleaning" for more info on this.