: 90 Seville Driver side door problems

03-16-05, 09:40 AM
My driver side door in my 90 deville has stopped working, when i go to unlock it, it feels like it unlocks but when i try to open the door it acts as if its locked, ive tried unlocking it from the inside it does the same thing, i cant open the door from the inside either, this has been a problem that would go and come back every time i locked the door again, but now im not getting any luck on opening the door please help

03-16-05, 07:57 PM
this has happened to me. the latch was sticking due to lack of lubrication. are u sure it aint iced up?

03-16-05, 08:02 PM
wrong section my friend. this thread needs to be moved to the FWD section.