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03-16-05, 04:42 AM
i am hoping my 84 was born in Detroit, cuzz i think it would be kool as hell to roll her bacc to her birthplace

03-18-05, 10:26 PM
If the 11 th digit in the car's VIN is "9",then it was made in Detroit.I may be wrong,but I think the older Cads were assembled at GM's plant in Hamtramck...
just a hop,skip and a jump 'crost town.

03-19-05, 02:40 AM
11th digit a 9? hmmm, lemme checc that out 2morrow.

03-19-05, 02:49 AM
There are alot of Detroit Iron
products made in Windsor, Ontario,
Canada (3.5 hours southwest of Toronto).
Windsor competes with Oshawa,
Ontario, Canada (.5 hours east of Toronto)
for the Canadian "Motor City" designation.

Did you know that Detroit is about
4 stone throws from the aforementioned
Windsor ;which , (check the map if you don't
believe) is South of Detroit. So if you are in
Canada, and say you want to go to "Eight Mile"
(from Eminem fame), you literally have to travel
about 9 Miles NORTH of Canada to get there.

That particular part of Ontario is in line with northern
California. Where I live is Toronto, and it's 3.6 hours
northeast of the Real Motor City (Motown/Detroit
Rock City). In fact, in terms of where I reside in
Toronto, it is actually the 5th largest 'Metropolitan'
center in North America, (behind N.Y.C., L.A.,
CHI. Town., & Dallas). Toronto is in line with the
French Riveria (no igloos here);
and, has North America's 3rd largest Stock exchange.
Toronto is more like N.Y.C. than most other places
in Canada or the mighty U.S., (outside of the serious
particularly prosperous and multicultural urban areas).
Consequently, Canadian Stalwart Dudes like Obsessed
Ralph are generally at odds with egocentric Torontonians
like myself. Fortunately, we have Cadillacs, hockey,
good beer (min. 5%), Respect for Uncle Sam, love for
Natasha et al., and a kick ass Canuck perspective
which keeps us united.

In any event, a Hamtramck Caddy IS Detroit Iron ;and,
the best that there is!

Warmest Personal Regards,

TomDeville :coolgleam :coolgleam :coolgleam

03-19-05, 11:40 PM
My 83 was built in Detroit, I'm fairly certain your 84 was too. I think production was moved to Hamtramck for the FWD Devilles.

03-21-05, 01:09 AM
shit, got a 9 on 11th digit. bout time this detroit boy rolled a REAL detroit car.
and baby, i grew up on 8 mile, its nothing like the movie. at least not on the west side.