: older broughams

03-15-05, 09:30 PM
i wish my 89 brougham had less mileage. i always see older broughams with very low mileage and it pisses me off. you know it was some old guy who never drove them. by the way my 89 has 107k on it. alot i think.

03-15-05, 09:43 PM
well not really. my 93 had 139k on it when i bought it. the lowest i have ever seen was 518 miles on a 88 Brougham. 107k isnt great but it aint bad for a 89. my 89 Deville has 160k (155k new).

03-16-05, 10:01 AM
my 88 has 191,000 mi

03-16-05, 12:12 PM
If it is an Olds 307, expect a LONG life. These are one of GM's best engines of all time, I would say the absolute best carb'd engine for reliability.

My 85 Cutlass with an 307 was at 186K before I dropped a screw down the carb (set it on the 4BBL's at night and forgot it...) and when I pulled it out it never burned oil, never leaked oil, got 27 mpg on the highway with 2.14's and no OD, drove great. Never even pulled a valve cover off. The intake gasket leaked around 80-100K miles and was replaced. Heck, we probably only ever put a few hundred dollars in repairs on the engine in 186K miles. And none were internal.

Heck, the oil pan had surface rust on it due to no oil leaks!! The THM200C is STILL alive and untouched (never out of the car, no repairs on it ever) and the car is at 270-280K miles.

The drivetrain will take care of you if not abused.


04-07-05, 12:37 AM
my 89 has 94k runs like brand new

DopeStar 156
04-07-05, 10:41 AM
My 89 Brougham has like 124k on it and it runs fine. The carb is a little less than great, but ya know, it runs fine.

04-07-05, 11:30 AM
My 88 has about 65000 miles, it's running good so far. Any advice on general maintenance, things I should be doing to make sure it lasts? What commonly breaks on these cars? It's getting warmer so I can finally start doing a little work on it outside. :)