: Clunk or Pop?

Tom's Caddy
08-08-13, 12:31 PM
Back from the big apple and it was great. To my friend on the board that asked about the food, went to SD26 on 26 street and the food was great. Katz on Houston street was good but Carnegie is still the best. The most driving I have ever done in New York City was this trip and after 1100 Miles I might have an issue. When I'm going very slow and just turn the wheel slight right or slight left I now hear a slight, very slight clunk or pop. Maybe just maybe a bit louder turning the wheel to the right but almost no difference. Love you Americans and Love New York City but our roads in Canada are day and night much better. I hope you are all going to tell me it is just the strut bearings or something cheap, NOT THE RACK.:helpless:

08-08-13, 01:42 PM
My first guess would be the strut bearings.... not the rack.

Tom's Caddy
08-08-13, 04:58 PM
Thanks Jim, I hope you are right. Any way I can tell if it is the strut bearing, a test by sight? Thanks.