: Head lights moveing

03-15-05, 08:47 PM

I took my car for a quick ride after some small work i did, When driveing i noticed That the head lights are not pointing were they should be( On the road) .the left head light is some what were it is saposed to be but the other head light is almost on my bumber there is not light on the road at night. Is there any way to make sure they dont move around any more or will i just have to guess and check ?

03-16-05, 07:40 AM
Headlamps have been a big problem with Cateras. All internal parts tend to break and you end up having no control over it. I used some springs to adjust them from the bulb openings. I removed the headlamps to do that and took some time to fine adjust it but sure beats $360 an assembly at the dealer.

03-16-05, 09:45 AM
check first if the adjusters are still working, which i doubt. Anyway, if the adjusters are broken you can either try and fix it ( a little tricky because it means dis assembling the lens from the headlight body and using tools to replace the adjuster pillar inside ) or you can opt to squeeze in some foams inside the assembly to keep the reflector in place or you can use duct tapes just like i did with mine. The idea is to keep it from moving. But you have to first park the car in a level place so you can check if it's aimed properly using the leveling guide in front of the headlight, make sure the bubble gets to zero. Just like I read in the past, buying a new one is not a sure solution because the assembly is just so weak that it can break even during the shipping, so I don't suggest you buy a headlight assembly from ebay unless there is some form of a money back guarantee if it's broken. Try the foam method first and see how it works.