View Full Version : references for understanding the N*?

03-15-05, 05:24 PM
Since the majority of my engine understanding is based on the pre-computer management engine/systems, I am limited in my understanding on how the various computer/electronic systems work and interact. So, does anyone know of some basic through advanced reference manuals that I might use to educate myself? I would prefer materials focused on the Northstar but generic engine computer info would be helpful.

Within this forum, the alphabet soup is used - ECMs, ECUs, PCMs, MASs, etc., etc., etc. I understand some of them but always find I need to know more. For example, since I am transplanting a í97 N*, I understand that Iíll need to use a computer from a í95 or earlier N*. What systems wiil/might work and what wonít? I own and use the í97 Northstar Factory Service Manual but I feel Iím in the dark, or at least the shadows, most of the time.

I read this forum often and search on topics but always realize there is so much more to understand. I want to truly thank all of you who have posted with explanations and suggestions. I know many of you have had years of experience with these systems and I know experience is the best teacher. Next to learning from experience or going back to school, does anyone know of books, websites, magazines, etc. that might help?


03-15-05, 11:17 PM
A good general article on Northstar at: