: Caddy pics

03-15-05, 03:02 PM
Well my caddy is finally out of the body shop from the fender bender. They did a great job of fixing it. Attached are a few pics as I promised in an earlier posting. I haven't done this before so I hope they made it to the site.

The odometer just turned 46,000 km (28,700 miles). All ready for some summer cruising.

03-15-05, 03:07 PM
Looks just like mine only cleaner (and white paint of course). Very clean too! If I might ask, where did you get the cup holders? Do they stay on pretty well?

03-15-05, 03:28 PM
That fancy exotic cup holder came from the design studios of Walmart for about five bucks. It fits just perfect and I lucked out with the color. It doesn't move around at all.

03-15-05, 03:33 PM
Ha, great! I have the same interior, I am going to give it a shot.

03-15-05, 03:34 PM
Beautiful car!!!!
You're a lucky guy for sure. What a classic Caddy.
Okay, now clean up that engine compartment and paint the radiator support struts. ;)

03-16-05, 09:55 AM
very very nice

03-16-05, 08:25 PM
nice ride man. that thing is clean :thumbsup: .

03-16-05, 08:37 PM
That Loooks Nice

40 Plus Thousand Miles?? Wow

Good Ol Summer Round The Corner

03-17-05, 03:44 PM
That's 45,000 kilometers. 27,500 miles. Ain't even broke in.
And while I am here does anyone know off hand where the signal light flasher is located. Mine is a little weak and I best change it. I thought if someone knows it will save me a lot of crawling around searching for it.

03-17-05, 04:53 PM
Beautiful car! Glad it is back in good shape!

04-07-05, 12:33 AM
Awesome Cad. I own the same model too.

04-07-05, 01:18 AM
I love it. Time for a big block swap. 455 Olds should do nicely :dance:

04-07-05, 12:55 PM
Beautiful car, i wish mine was in that good of condition... but if its anything like the '78 fwb, than the flasher is located on the fusebox at the top and bottom, i'm not sure which is the blinkers and which is the hazards though

89 D'elegance
04-07-05, 03:07 PM
I have the same car (1989) in the d'Elegance with a astro roof, RED interior. Love it. Gets looks all day long.