: Air ride turns on and off for about 5 min after turning the ignition off

03-15-05, 12:17 AM
I have a 1993 fleetwood brougham is it normal for the air ride to turn on and off after shutting the engine off.Mine does it for a about 5 min then stops

03-15-05, 03:08 AM
ill go out on a limb here, but that doesnt sound normal at all. i have no clue on how to fix it or anything though.

03-15-05, 04:07 AM
The compressor is trying to pump up the air suspention but it sounds like it's leaking, so the compressor is giving up after 5 minutes to keep from damaging itself.

03-15-05, 12:27 PM
If you park on a hill it is normal for the car to "adjust" itself, but it shouldn't constantly run for that long, a few seconds is usually all it needs to adjust height for parking on an incline.

03-15-05, 12:49 PM
It's normal for the system to work for a few minutes after "Key-Off" but the fact that the compressor is cycling like that means that you have a leak in the system.

03-15-05, 10:06 PM
Ya it hisses a little bit like it could be leaking.So is it the air shocks that i need to replace?Anybody know a good replacement part and a price?

03-16-05, 12:41 AM
First check all the hoses, listen for where the leak is. A hose is cheaper to replace than an air shock.

03-16-05, 08:42 PM
Well I Got Tired Of Mine Running Also, So A Year Ago, I Disconected The Compressor


03-17-05, 07:59 PM
I had the same problem, i just pulled the fuse

03-18-05, 04:43 PM
Well I Got Tired Of Mine Running Also, So A Year Ago, I Disconected The Compressor

Then you end up with a non working system, and a sagging rear end (the car, not you).

04-01-05, 09:19 AM
My leveling system runs for about the same time after I turn the ignition off also. I tried to remove the fuse but my car will not start without it, so I later disconnected the compressor and incountered problems later that may have or may not been caused by not having my car at the correct ride height.
1. immediately my right rear bearing began to grind and continually got worse.
2. later down the line my car would not start for anything???????replaced fuel pump
3. fuel guage would fluctuate
4. car would die while driving and turning corners
I also looked into the forum and found out that fuel may not be able to continually reach the fuel pump because of incorrect ride height. I reconnected system bought a rear bearing repair kit and have not had any problems ever since (except for the air system running when I turn the ignition off).