: Air Intake?

03-14-05, 09:12 PM

I was wanting to add some hp to my 98 catera and the only way i have seen so far for a 98 is a intake. Is this right ? If so what intake do you reamend I know that they only make a replace ment filter for the car but is there wany way to out in say a cts intake? I know they make universial filters witch i would not have a problem puting on but i am not sure just to hook it up strait to the pipe and not the air box giveing me a better souning intakebut the only thing with that is the other pipe comeing up from the box i thing coming from tthe front bumber bring ing a big part of the air. If any one has Any thing to say please do.

03-15-05, 03:09 PM

I would not recommend air filters that replace the original airbox. By eliminating the airbox (unless that kit has a K&N's FIPK type of a design) your engine would be sucking hot air from under the hood and loosing power because of the less dense hot air. I'd suggest you to use a 33-2734 numbered K&N filter with your original airbox to get outside cold & dense air. You won't be getting that thoraty sucking sound but at least you'll be getting afew more horses.

03-15-05, 08:44 PM
Thank you i thought that filer would be the best bet but it was worth a try to ask.

03-16-05, 09:57 AM
What I did with mine is replace the filter in the box with a K&N replacement and then made some modification on the cold air intake tube in front of the grille which connects directly to the air filter box. I created an opening facing the front so that it would collect cold air better. It made my Catera humm a little more muscular and seems like the response is better when revving it up. I don't think that the you will feel the added horsepower that they claim, but just the idea that i won't ever buy another filter again for the rest of the Catera's life is good enough reason for me to buy the K&N replacement filter. I attached a picture of what i did. And by the way, i drilled holes at the bottom of that cold air intake tube of the Catera, just under where the tube bends to serve as drain for any moist accumulation or water in case it gets in the opening that was created.

03-19-05, 11:06 AM
Sorry for the long respond time but thank every one for there ideas, I was wopndering If i was to cut the intake pipe would that affect me when inspection time comes ?

03-19-05, 03:40 PM
I am not sure about that, but if you are going to remove that screw that holds the pipe to the front of the body, you will see an opening that leads to that small hole just on top of it. What the cut did was just get some more cold air from the front instead of from the top which i believe would be more hot air coming from the engine bay. You can always patch it up with a duct tape if in case it cause some problem. I don't know for sure, this is just my thought.

03-19-05, 11:20 PM
I don't think cutting the airbox's extension pipe would give you any problems at any inspection. I removed mine to make room for oil radiator and passed all inspections with flying colors after that.