: part# for turn signal/fog lamp assembly?

08-05-13, 08:12 PM
Hey guys, the latch and hinge that secures the fog bulb in completely broke off, I glued on it but the heat from the bulb melted the glue. So now I'm looking to buy a whole new fog lamp assembly. Does anyone know the part number for the passenger side fog lamp assembly? Or could just send me a link to it perhaps?

08-05-13, 08:40 PM
I think I have one in my basement used but should work fine.

08-05-13, 09:50 PM
How much are u asking for it?

08-06-13, 12:39 AM
How'd it come off in the first place??

08-06-13, 11:45 AM
Don't know. A year ago the halogen bulb went out and when I went to replace my lights with HID bulbs I noticed it was broken. So I glued it back on thinking it was going to fix the problem.

08-06-13, 11:46 AM
50+ shipping?

That fair?