: Gold medallion with numbers - on grille

08-05-13, 07:42 PM
I'm sure someone knows what this is...I sure don't tho :) I've also seen one with roman numeral III on it.mileage badge maybe???


08-05-13, 08:01 PM
It is the centre of a Heritage Of Ownership badge. They represent how many NEW Cadillacs the owner has owned, with a new number for each consecutive Cadillac purchased.

When Initially beginning the program, if no number is listed, the Cadillac will come with a more plain pewter-coloured badge and a postcard with instructions as per how to go about getting your proper badge (Which Cadillac would gladly give to you, when you give them the information that they need)

My Cadillac had a Gold "I" one on it, but I have actually replaced it with a pewter one, because it matches the car much better. On my last Junkyard visit, I happened across a Fleetwood Brougham with a "III" badge on it, but did not take it, as I had no use for it. Maybe next time I will grab it.

The complete badge should look similar to this:


With the pewter badges looking like this (This is mine, as google images did not immediately give me photos of anyone else's) They look essentially the same, aside from the colour difference and that instead of having a number, they merely say "Cadillac" on the centre cap.


Lastly, of particular note, there are the rare "Master Owner" badges:


Eventually, they changed the design to match the present style of the modern Cadillac (AKA, the "ugly badges")


Naturally, a lot of modern cars still have the older badges, as many owners feel they look better. I have however seen a '63 Cadillac with one of the modern badges on it. Personally, I am against mixing the New and Classic Cadillac emblems on the same vehicle.

08-05-13, 10:04 PM
Wow! I can't imagine buying 2 or 3 "new" Cadillacs! :) Thank you very much for such an informative response! My 96 Sedan Deville has the gold one with III on it! I wonder if previous owner is a member here as well...lol thanks again!

08-05-13, 10:45 PM
So how does one get this or is it model specific?

cadillac kevin
08-05-13, 11:10 PM
So how does one get this or is it model specific?

You would buy new caddys from the dealership, and you'd get it. It is not model specific, but I haven't seen them on caddys newer than the mid 90s (not saying they didn't, but I haven't seen one).

08-06-13, 06:00 AM
I wonder,since my 96 has the III badge,is that why all the emblems & hood ornament are gold also?

08-06-13, 08:58 AM
Wow! I can't imagine buying 2 or 3 "new" Cadillacs!

My 2002.5 STS, bought used in 11/05, came with the pewter grille badge with the number 8. I recently spoke with the former owner and he has, to date, bought 11 new Cadillacs from his same dealership, Villa Marin Cadillac on Staten Island, NY. (I have every original piece of paper for the car - including the window sticker, sales invoice and all shop and recall invoices.......... nice guy.)

Some cars were dealer optioned with gold trim. You can find some of it in the eBay store site for BiggDaddyCaddy - Google it. "biggdaddycaddy ebay store". Don't quote me, but I think the gold trim was ordered by a buyer out of the "black book" - you sit down with the salesman and assemble YOUR car, plop down a deposit and GM builds the car...... I did it with a '65 Chevelle, 2 Fox-body Mustangs, 2 90's Taurii and a couple of F-150's. My STS was optioned by the buyer, not the dealer - took 9 weeks to deliver, and it worked out well because the car was ordered in December, the running changeover to F55 came in mid-January and the car was built in early February.

08-06-13, 09:42 AM
Wow! 11 caddys! Nice.... I was 3rd owner of my 84Seville,all paperwork etc. It was purchased under the Gold Key program.I had duplicates made & still have the gold keys,however the ht4100 bit the dust :( (head gasket)


I was curious about the gold trim because mine on the 96 isn't lookin too good,thinkin of switchin to silver....just prefer it :)

08-06-13, 09:44 AM
I believe XXXIX is the last before the Master Owner.

08-06-13, 08:11 PM
There is (If I recall correctly) an "XII" badge for sale on Ebay at the moment. As a joke, I suggested a friend buy this one for his car:


(His Cadillac is a mobile Adult Film studio. I kid you not)

Personally, I like my "I" emblem, as I own it because it was MY first Cadillac, but I keep the pewter one on it, as it is a far better match for the car's colour. I am not the original owner and thereby did not purchase it new and receive a badge. The HOO badges could probably make neat belt buckles...

In fact, the original owner purchases ONLY new vehicles and purchases several thousand every year...nearly all of them are Cadillacs.

08-06-13, 08:20 PM
I think I want that more than master owner.

08-07-13, 12:31 AM
Mine came with one with III on it. I haven't taken it off. I feel lime I adopted the car, so what right do I have. It was still the owners 3rd car.

08-08-13, 09:41 AM
Lol...that would be fitting! I'm gonna leave the III on mine,that is unless I get my hands on one of those XXX's!! :)

08-08-13, 12:34 PM
Mine came with none, because the original owner did not use them. If it DID, I would probably have kept whatever number they used.

Again though, the original owner of my car purchased hundreds of thousands of new Cadillacs in 1987 alone. I guess my car thereby qualifies as a "Cadillac Master Owner" vehicle. :D

08-08-13, 10:25 PM
That sux! You should at least have the "Heritage" grill emblem with somethin on it! I shall cherish the one I have been fortunate enough to find on my Sedan Deville! :)

08-14-13, 05:19 AM
Does anyone here know what years they ran this program and what year the latter ones appeared?
I have 2 presently, one old style and one new generation Heritage badge.
I don't know which is proper for my garage queen '99 Eldodado ETC. Any hints?

08-14-13, 11:23 AM
oh..oh... I know this one!
"Starting in 1989, Cadillac started rewarding its loyal customers with the Heritage of Ownership medallion. Made of solid brass, it signifies your loyalty and pride in the Cadillac marque. Every purchaser of a new Cadillac automobile is entitled to a personalized medallion. The center of the medallion is marked with the word "Cadillac" and a roman numeral, from I to XVII, denoting the number of new Cadillacs you have owned in your lifetime."

08-15-13, 02:15 PM
A week or two ago, I read another thread on here which spoke of these same medallions. There was one pictured that had XXX=30 new caddy's.

08-15-13, 03:11 PM
^You're sure it wasn't the first page of THIS thread?

08-15-13, 05:03 PM
^LOL you are so RIGHT! Well at least my memory still works kind of.........., I was thinking I read it in the Seville/Eldorado forum.