: Is it beneficial to get new Navigation DVD's?

03-13-05, 11:24 PM
I have a 2003 Seville STS with the original Nav DVD. Is there any benefit in updating to a newer DVD? Will there be any more accurate road or destination information?

04-02-05, 04:31 PM
I asked the same question of Cadillac Customer Care and they really couldn't tell me anything. My version is 1.30. The latest version is 4.0 p/n 10389450 (for Deville which I believe is the same system) and about $280. I also called the company that makes the system (Denso) but they wouln't tell me anything. They did say that they would contact my Cadillac Customer Care manager and that I would get the info.... but that's been a week and I'm not holding my breath. If I get it I'll post it.

I then suggested to Cadillac that if they wanted to sell these expensive upgrades they should make an effort to market them. If they sold more, they could sell each for less too. They should send every owner with navigation (1) a notification when an upgrade is available, (2) detailed info as to what the upgrade provides (POIs, map data, etc.) and (3) how to order it easily. Instead they leave it up to the owners to find out everything about it (which isn't much) and the process all on their own. A $30 software program manufacturer does more to actively sell upgrades than Cadillac and their $2500 system.

While most of the foreign luxury cars have nav as almost standard equipment, Caddy still looks at their buyers as techno idiots and without the savvy to want such a product, so they don't market it at all. I've had Caddy salesmen say almost those words too. I have nav for all my cars and once you get used to it, you won't want to be without it, assuming you leave the home nest on occasion. In 10 years most cars will have it, while Caddy still languishes 10 years behind.

It's no wonder GM is in trouble if they can't figure this out . Sorry if this sounds like a rant.:rant2:

06-03-05, 08:55 PM
Well put, Tom. I am still limping along on v 1.10; just can't seem to bite the bullet for the latest version every 3 months, can you? If only I'd hit that lotto.
I've been looking for pirated versions :eek: but no luck there either, not that I'd actually purchase one, but it would be tempting. Cadi's price for that part is outrageous and it continues to climb while they laugh at us.
I wouldn't be without nav in my car now but I have to tell you, many times my little ole monochrome Garmin GPSV handheld with mapping is far more accurate than my Cadi's nav.