: Clarion 12disc CD changer blues...

03-13-05, 09:03 PM
Hi all, i just purchased my grandmothers '96 SLS, the original owner of the car had a Clarion CDC 1205 12 disc CD changer with a Claroin FMC100 CD changer controller installed. The CD changer has never worked while my grandmother owned the car, and ive tracked it down to a missing optical fiber digital cable, it isnt plugged into the CD changer end, and i cannot locate it anywhere in the trunk. The instructions for the unit say that this cable should run from the 'modulator' to the CD changer. My question is: where could they have mounted the modulator?? Ive looked under the passenger side dash but theres not enough room there, ive looked between the back seat and the trunk and dont think its there, i have a hunch that its between the center console because the controler routes out of the side of it, could it be under the back seat? where would be the most likely place this unit would have been mounted? Thanks for any advice!!