View Full Version : O2 sensor & Spark plugs....extremely hard to get to and change

08-05-13, 04:19 AM
Hey again caddy forum!

I'm gonna have to replace my O2 sensor in my 89 Brougham, i've allready got a replacement sensor from Ac Delco. The sensor itself is located on the exhaustpipe where it bends up towards the engine. But what seems to be the hardest part in the change is that the cable connects about 2,5feet up somewhere in the darkness, hard to get to from underneath and as hard to get to from above. And i've got to say the same about the sparkpluggs, the previous owner of my car ran the car with a faulty o2 sensor and TPS sensor, (there why he sold it btw, he didn't know anything about the OBD-I system diagnostic etc) Anyway the car have been running very rich a short while, so the plugs will definitely need to change, but they passanger side plugs seems impossible to reach.