: Does the 07 STS auto lock?

Alden's Daddy
08-04-13, 08:00 PM
Does the STS automatically lock when you walk away?

08-04-13, 08:15 PM
All Sigma based STS should do it.

Its not so much when you walk away, its 8 seconds after the last door has been closed if at least 1 of the car's FOBs are not detected in the car.
It is a personalization setting option.

Alden's Daddy
08-04-13, 08:35 PM
What is Sigma?

08-04-13, 08:41 PM
The chassis/platform the car is built on. Sigma based STS vs K Body Seville STS.

08-04-13, 08:59 PM
As Ludacrisvp says above it is in personalization settings, AND
you have to select it. Haven't looked at that option in a LONG,LONG,
time, so select it and choose what you want it to do.
Happy Motoring.:usflag::thumbsup::cool2:

08-06-13, 07:05 PM
While the configuration is somewhat intuitive on STS equipped with Navigation, you should have an owners manual and read it. There is also a Nav suppliment. They are avaialble for free in pdf form. Go to the 'Sticky' thread at the top of the forum for links.

The configuration of these cars is pretty cool. I got a complement from a fellow camper at the Indy 500 because I was in and out of my car many times. Never did it wake my neighbor with the horn. I left one back courtesy light on and after 20 minutes, the power saver would kill that. My combination of settings really impressed because I could find anything I wanted, the car would lock itself, but open at my touch.

I am totally spolied when I rent a car. Everything else just sucks!

08-06-13, 07:19 PM
Spoiled yes. Same here.