: 95 Fleetwood hesitates in reverse badly

08-04-13, 07:32 PM
Hello. My 95 Fleetwood Brougham, When in reverse will hesitate when stepping on the gas. it will also sometimes stall when you are taking off if you let up off the gas too quickly, or while turning the steering wheel too hard at low idle while driving (u-turn). i an totally stumped. HELP!!!

Reverend Hearse
08-07-13, 03:05 PM
I was thinking power steering pressure switch myself , but the stalling out after releasing the throttle would most likely cross that out . Knowing what I know , you have replaced the cats , and a few other parts , im curious to hear some input myself , as I'm taking a 3.5 hour drive to go see this car for purchase. .... Come on people , lets hear it !!

Reverend Hearse
08-16-13, 11:11 AM
As you may well know from my other thread. , I purchased the car in question . After pulling the plugs yesterday , I found 5 , 7 , and 4 were all fouled up and looked damn near original . I installed some NGK TT double platinum plugs an all issues seem to be gone , took it or a nice ride last night , got way better gas mileage and no hesitation or stalling out .... Not bad for 1700 bucks and 21 in plugs ....

08-16-13, 12:20 PM
Good buy! Glad it was a cheap (but not really easy...some plugs are hard to get to on the 95) fix!

Reverend Hearse
08-16-13, 01:16 PM
seriously, my 84 is much harder. it looked like it would be hard , but between a ratchet, a spark plug socket and a wrench, i got it knocked out in 40 minutes....