: Original Maggie intercooler pump part #?

08-04-13, 04:26 PM
Is the stock Maggie intercooler pump ('04-'05) this one:

Bosch Electric Intercooler Pump 317GPH 12V Air Water 0392022002

It appears to be but wanted to double check before ordering.



08-05-13, 01:46 AM
Do yourself a favor and step up to a Meziere. The output of the Bosch is really low, less than rated. If you're die hard to get an OE, it can be found at Frozenboost.com on the cheap. The upgrade is $100 more, however.

08-05-13, 06:39 AM
Appears that Bosch is the original pump. It lasted around 75k miles, so I think it will be ok again.

I used Meziere water pumps on my Impala, and one lasted 130k miles. Sold the spare with the car unused. :) I know they're good, but they seem to be "rated" a little lower than the Bosch.

I looked on frozen boost and their kit pumps are rated for 1500 hrs, or about 2 yrs of me driving 2 hr a day. (model: Rule 401FC) Their upgrade is the Bosch Cobra pump I mentioned above?