View Full Version : Is front strut rubber bushing and plate the same P/N?

Motown Cad
08-03-13, 11:37 PM
For the top of the strut before you screw it into housing frame. Does an FE2 set work for my FG'2s. Autozone only has 1 p/n. I think I messed up by reusing them and have even more suspension noise than before. Any help is appreciated. Also it could be sway bar(133k mileage) but don't know how to prove it. Will be putting hotchkis kit on soon. Again thanks.

08-04-13, 09:02 PM
Can you provide a picture of what you're talking about? I don't understand your description, since the strut doesn't screw into anything, and I don't know what you mean by "housing frame". Here's a picture of all the front top mount parts from when I was installing my KW coilovers:

What are you referring to? (Honestly, regardless of what part you're referring to, I'm 99% sure the answer is that there is no difference between the FE4 and FG2 struts as far as how they mount to the car.)

Here's another picture / drawing showing the order in which things should be assembled.

Those parts went onto the KW damper the same way they went onto the FG2 damper, and I don't see anything in the FSM that would indicate the FE4s would be any different.

If you want to determine if a noise is from the sway bar (at either end of the car), just remove the sway bar end links.

Motown Cad
08-04-13, 09:53 PM
Oh thank you! Yes on your drawing my rubber insulator was kind of smushed and i put the concave washer (big washer) on top of it.

I re-assembled my FG2's into the big ass housing and connected it as in your drawing but I wondered if I should have gotten a new rubber insulator as it was kind of sandwiched. However, it did screw in nice and tight.

So i was surprised when over the last 2.5 months, the sound was getting worse going over small bumps at slow speeds. I didn't think it would be the struts as I tightened all the assy bolts very snug. The sound is a "duh douche" sound like something is loose.

Stupid question, if i take off end links, how will I deduce it's the sway bar. will the sound go away?

Thank you for taking the time and effort on your post. This is really driving me crazy. I'm a suspension neophyte.

08-05-13, 08:57 AM
Yeah, if you remove the sway bar end links, then the sway bar will no longer be moving every time you hit a bump. So if the sway bar (specifically, the bushings) is/are the source of the noise, the noise will go away. That would narrow it down to either the sway bar bushings (likely) or the end links (not as likely).

There are a number of threads in this forum and the General discussion forum talking about the sway bar bushings. I'd bet that with 133k miles on your car, if you take the wheel off and look in at the sway bar bushings, you'll easily be able to see that they're toast.

Motown Cad
08-05-13, 12:53 PM
Thank you I will do that. I've looked at them several times and they " look" ok. No dry rot or spacing etc. Doesn't mean nothin until I do what you said. Thanks I'll let you know. I will do it Friday afternoon ok? Again thanks.


Motown Cad
08-18-13, 08:21 PM

Well you were spot on on both accounts. I removed the end links and they were toast moving all around. Then I inspected the bushings much more CLOSELY and there was dry rot on driver side and loose gapping on both. The sway bar moved up and down freely. So I then drove it over a known bumpy road and 90% of the noise went away. I could here sway bar hit bar going to upper a arm in big bumps.

So I bought some new end links and installed and reattached to sway bar. The noise was cut in half so the blown out end links were contributing as well. I'll order a Hotchkis kit in 10 days and have already got the strut mounting bushing replacement kit that i failed to change when I did the struts/shocks. That should be just about everything except Upper, Lower A Arm bushings but maybe I will get those as well. Then I will have a complete new front end.

Thanks for the time and advice, I enjoyed troubleshooting this as I cannot stand suspension noise. Will let all know how it goes in couple of weeks. Have to travel.

On a side note, I detected slight hesitation on acceleration up high on heavy load and went and changed the fuel filter. You know the one that never needs changing:suspect:. My god I had no idea how much it was affecting car. Starting chirping in third and running like crazy. Doing K&N clean right now. Thanks again!