: Maggie Temp Sensor Grommet question.....

08-03-13, 06:11 PM
Will post a separate thread on my rear Maggie belt install, but this is what I'm dealing with:

With the Maggie off, I was going to change out the stock thermistor for the one I ordered and can't find at the moment. I decided to pop out the stock thermistor to at least clean the end with MAF cleaner.

The rubber gasket was dry rotted and firm taking it out. When putting it back in, I put a light film of oil on the thermistor, but the grommet decided to tear into two pieces when pushing the thermistor back in. Fortunately the Maggie was off when I tried pulling it b/c the lower portion of the grommet dropped down into the Maggie. After a few shakes of the Maggie (I don't recommend doing this by yourself btw) it came out.

So, where do I get a new Maggie temp sensor grommet? Is it a stock GM part #?

I would attach a pic but I sent it from my phone to my yahoo mail account and for some reason I can't download the .jpg from my yahoo mail.

I will email Magnacharger but going that route will take a week to get the stupid grommet I'm sure.


I'm re-installing everything but without the grommet I won't be able to run. :(

On another note, my IC was dry. Will be filling and looking for leaks tonight.

08-03-13, 11:13 PM
On a positive note, I found the Omega thermistor and swapped it out. The wire leads are tiny! I left the cage on b/c the new tip is so small I doubt the cage will block enough air to do anything. I looked at Autozone for the grommet. A typical pcv grommet is almost right but too short. I looked up the stock IAT grommet and it is also too short for going through the Maggie intake.

So a quick FYI that if you have >80k on your Maggie and pulling the IAT for any reason, you may not want to attempt to re-install without pulling the grommet and ensuring it isn't dry-rotted/age hardened like mine was.

Stock IAT:

Compared to the Omega 44005:


08-05-13, 09:56 PM
Just to close this out, the GM part # for the IAT grommet in the Maggie is:
GM 15705446. This is direct from Magnuson. They can also supply it.

I will try to get it locally but gmpartsdirect does sell them in 10 packs.

Anyone with a Maggie attempting to R&R the IAT to do the thermistor mod should pull the IAT, then pull the grommet itself to ensure that the rubber hasn't hardened and become brittle before attempting to reinsert. It would suck to have to pull the Maggie to retrieve the lower half of the grommet.



Oh, and magnuson does suggest changing the supercharger oil every 100,000 miles. The tech said just to wait the final 20k before changing. I may reach and see if the fill hole is accessible, though.

My Maggie is one of the early ones with steel shaft and 3.0 pulley. It has gray rectangular gaskets, not the cathedral port shaped gaskets. Are those gray gaskets stock LS6?


08-06-13, 10:51 AM
Anyone who wants to do the thermistor mod and wants a new grommet, I have 8 available. GM only sells them in 10 packs and they are 2.86 a piece, so I'll do them for 3 bucks plus shipping supplies and shipping. I'm guessing a small USPS priority box or something. PM me if you want a spare or two.


08-06-13, 11:14 AM
PJ, so you're back up and running?

08-06-13, 11:35 AM
Nope, I should have said, I "will have" 8 available tomorrow when the local dealer gets my order in. :)
This got spread into 3 threads with the issues I ran into, but here is my list:
1. Maggie rear belt swap: done. Will post pics. ;)
2. Fix the wiring issue caused by the original installer routing the rear fuel crossover pipe in an odd manner
3. Maggie rotor oil change... forgot to do this with Maggie off so will either try to access the plug or wait 20k miles for 100k
4. New Bosch intercooler pump: will deliver wed or thurs from Amazon
5. Thermistor mod: Done
6. IAT grommet refresh: tomorrow

I have one unknown and I am crossing my fingers that the rubber o-ring went another direction:
When pulling the Maggie I had 2 blue orings come out of the fuel injector wire connectors. I found one, the other I can not locate. I climbed on top of the engine and looked in each intake port for the blue sucker and did not see it in any of the 8 cylinders. I then used compressed air to lightly blow in to make sure it wasn't just blocked from view. My hope is that the missing one was either not there to start or it fell off down the outside of the engine and is laying on top of the dust pan below. I'm guessing the latter but I have to get the dust pan off to find it.
I'll be pulling the dust pan to R&R the IC pump so we'll see if it shows up down there. That would give me a little relief when starting up..... always something.

Good thing we have the Traverse back with a new engine. Driving that for the time being.