View Full Version : DIY Fix for dimming gear selector / indicator PRND321

08-03-13, 01:26 PM
I have been having issues with the gear selector dimming randomly, some days I can barely see it. I did some searching and turns out this is a very common issue with GM trucks in these years. Here is what to do to fix it.

1 - Remove gauge cluster

2 - Remove tabs to take it apart, use masking tape to mark the existing position of your needles and pop them off with a screwdriver (there are many detailed DIYs on how to do this just do a search for stepper motor replacement).

3 - There is a bank of 7 511 black resistors to the left side below the main plug. There are 3 in a row and below there are 4. See the attached pic.

4 - Using a fine tip soldering iron just re-flow each side of each resistor (I put a touch of flux on each side prior to heating).

5 - Put everything back together and it will be as bright as the day it was new.

Hope this helps.