View Full Version : 2006 Rear drivers side express window problem

08-02-13, 06:11 PM
Drivers side rear window will not express down from rear door switch but will express down from drivers control panel. Thoughts? Bad switch perhaps? Otherwise window works fine.

08-02-13, 11:57 PM
I could be wrong, but I think the express down only operates from the main control on the drivers door. I think the passenger
front will express down but the rear are just regular switches...seems like I read that somewhere...

08-03-13, 01:56 AM
Rears are express down from both front and rear switches.

My guess would be a bad switch.

08-03-13, 08:08 AM
Rears should express down, the passenger rear one does. Honestly I think the previous owner never used the back sears, my kids noticed the window issue. Any relays in the door by chance to check as suspect. I cannot find much other than the switch in Alldata.

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08-03-13, 11:58 AM
It may need to be relearned. Hold the switch in the up postion for several seconds after the window reaches the top before releasing it and see what happens. Read the owner's manual.

Cadillac Cust Svc
08-03-13, 06:33 PM
Hello teckguy,

I see you are getting some great info from the community, and I see that dkozloski has given you a suggestion to check the owner’s manual about relearning the feature to the windows. I have looked up that information for you in case you didn’t have your manual. In chapter 2, page 16, it states :

“If the battery on your vehicle has been recharged, disconnected, or is not working, you will need to reprogram each front power window for the express-up feature to work. Before reprogramming, you will need to replace or recharge your vehicle’s battery. To program each front window, follow these steps: 1. With the ignition in ACCESSORY, ON, or when Retained Accessory Power (RAP) is active, close all doors. 2. Press and hold the power window switch until the window has fully opened. 3. Pull the power window switch up until the window is fully closed. 4. Continue holding the switch up for approximately two seconds after the window is completely closed. The window is now reprogrammed. Repeat the process for the other windows.”

Please keep us updated if this works! Thank you very much for your time.

Gregory W.
Cadillac Customer Care

08-03-13, 10:20 PM
Good evening... Tried the relearn process as part of my diagnostics, it's exactly like my Corvette but no luck. I think I'll gamble on a new switch. I wonder if I could borrow the passenger side switch as a test before I order a new one? Thanks so much for the ideas guys!! :)

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08-03-13, 10:22 PM
The switches are the same. Give it a try.

08-03-13, 11:29 PM

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08-05-13, 05:39 PM
Fixed! What a well designed switch, completely modular down to the circuit board. I cleaned the contacts with a pencil eraser and gently put everything together so the plastic parts clicked together during assembly and it's now perfect :)

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