: 2 pairs of '04-07 front Centric Premium rotors - 1 day of use

08-02-13, 05:54 PM
A couple years back I bought 2 pairs of Centric Premium rotors to use for a track pad comparison. I ran one pair of rotors on day 1 with one set of pads, then swapped to the second set of rotors for day 2 with a different brand of pads. After that the rotors came off the car and have been in boxes ever since. I've swapped over to V2 front brakes, so I have no need for these V1 rotors.

They are effectively new - you can see in the pic below that there's a good transfer layer of pad material, but that's it. No measurable wear. Scuff the surfaces with a 3M Roloc disk on your drill and they'll be ready for use with whatever pads you choose to run.



They are part number 120.62075 and go for ~$60 each on www.rockauto.com. I'll let them go for $100 per pair shipped in CONUS. Note that about 1/2 of that $100 will be covering shipping due to the weight of the package, so it's not like I'm making much off this. Any less and I'd be inclined to just give them to my neighbor for his next run to the scrapyard.

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