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03-11-05, 12:58 PM
Thanks for all your help here in this forum! I feel really honored to be a part
of this! Your assistance has saved me time & $$.

I was wondering, does anyone know if the 2001 Catera has a pressurized or
non-press. fuel system. Just bought a Fram ss fuel filter & wanted to change
this myself (if it's non-press.).


Crazzzzy Train.....you da man!!!! kudoos many!!!!


El Dobro
03-11-05, 02:07 PM
The fuel filter is on the pressure side, so you just have to release the pressure before you change it.

03-14-05, 08:28 PM
Thks El Dobro!!

03-14-05, 08:39 PM
Hi, in my experience running a small garage, and working on my own cars, all fuel injected engines use pressurized fuel systems. However, I may be wrong as the only things I usually work on are GM, Ford and Mercedes V-8's, with the exceptions of the GM 3.8 V-6 (wonderful engine), and the Jeep 4.0 I-6 (the only reason I work on this piece of junk is that my uncle has one and the only one I work on (constantly) is his).

06-03-05, 11:56 PM
How do you actually release the pressure? Is it by opening the fuel cap? I will attempt my first fuel filter change so any tips would be appreciated.

06-04-05, 09:06 AM
Disconnect the fuel pump fuse and run the engine till it stops- one way of doing it.

El Dobro
06-04-05, 09:19 AM
There should be a cap with a valve underneath it on the fuel rail. It's for checking fuel pressure. Unscrew the cap, wrap a rag around it and push the valve in with a nail or something to release the pressure.