: My build with N2o

08-02-13, 10:19 AM
Okay, so here is what I am going to do for my build (thanks to all that have helped by posting on this forum!)

Intercooler & Throttle body from TimmyC
air intake (spectre)
Nitrous (NX proton kit). I spent some extra dollars to get a remote bottle opener, progressive controller, fuel pressure cut off, pressure gauge, and an upgraded heater.

Also got a wideband O2.

The tuning and nitrous install will be done by Shane at J&S performance in Denver. I will keep everyone posted on the results. Can't wait.

Dave G
08-02-13, 10:22 PM
How big of a shot?

08-03-13, 03:25 AM
Awesome man. Do you have ever any pics of the car? I'm moving to Denver in a few months. I'm from Glenwood springs. Shoot me your number. I had planned to add nitrous to my setup next. After I get this tune worked out.

08-03-13, 09:47 AM
Dave - I'll start with a 75 shot and work up to 100. I've been told the motor can take more, but I want to keep it somewhat safe.

Airgold - I'll definitely post pics once the install is done. I'll shoot you my number - always good to have someone local. So far, i really have not seen any other STS-Vs around here.

Charles Warren
08-05-13, 10:59 AM
cool, hope the 75 makes 95 hp. i keep reading on l67 with m90s the n20 takes well to fi setups so hoepfully lc3 likes it as well lol

08-08-13, 05:30 AM
In for results as I have been thinking of injecting some of the giggle gas into my car.

08-17-13, 10:27 AM
any updates yet?

08-25-13, 10:40 AM
sorry..been traveling of late. The heat exchanger is in, but decided to upgrade the stock pump to the jabsco, which just got late last week. The project is a bit behind and hoping to get it wrapped up next week or so. Some pics (not sure if this will work).


08-28-13, 02:38 PM
Great photo. I will forsure be giving you a call next week. I will be in Denver for a few days.

09-19-13, 11:25 AM
Wanted to share some pics so far. Hoping to get most of it wrapped up this week and then on the dyno next week.


09-19-13, 11:27 AM

09-19-13, 11:29 AM

09-20-13, 06:05 AM
Are you using the stock intake?

09-20-13, 01:19 PM
I have the spectre intake.

01-20-14, 02:56 AM
You have any updates on this project?

01-22-14, 11:26 AM
Yup, do have results and dyno numbers. Work travel schedule has been crazy of late, but I will try to get a write-up and some pics posted soon.

01-24-14, 10:54 PM
Sweet look forward to it!

01-28-14, 12:03 AM
Hey bro you have then dyno results???

01-28-14, 08:27 AM
Yup, do have results and dyno numbers. Work travel schedule has been crazy of late, but I will try to get a write-up and some pics posted soon.

I think every one just wants the numbers. Not hard to post that.

02-01-14, 08:46 AM

02-01-14, 09:48 AM
My guess there is a piston out the side of the block.

02-09-14, 06:28 PM
Go boom or vroom?