: '79 DeVille..... what would you do with the stereo?

Night Wolf
03-10-05, 11:31 PM
This will probably get moved to the stereo section... but i didn't want it there, I want people's opinions that own these cars....

anyway, my '79 has the AM/FM digital 8-track player.... which, for 1979 I am sure was the thing to have.

I enjoy music... alot, and always listen to music while in my car... in my '93 DeVille I have a full system in that, in the Olds just a cdp in the dash and some speakers that need to be replaced in the front...

Anyway, when I bought the sub for the '93, the guy threw in a apir of 4x6" Kenwood 2-ways. the only use for them was the dash of my '79... so I finally got around to insalling them.... all I can say is WOW... they really sound good (makes me want to upgrade the rear speakers now)

But all this is still going through the stock head unit, which really isn't bad... but the only controls for the sound is a *tone* control... treble OR bass... not both... and a front-back fader that is very touchy. the FM is very tempermental... may either be the radio or antenna (which is getting replaced soon) and I don't have any 8-tracks.

So I used to listen to the FM, but I also pay for XM Sat. radio, in the '93 it is all direct connect, and in the Olds, when I had the origanal tape player, I used the cassette adapter, but now I have the cdp, so I went out and bought all the stuff I needed to use my XM wirelessly in the car (over the FM)

At first I wanted to leave the sound ssytem in the '79 alone... but only spending more and more time in it, I want to upgrade it... nothing extrme... but better then what it is. So I looked on ebay and was going to buy an origanal cassette player... that added seperate bass and treble controls, as well as the tape player for the cassette adapter for a portable cdp and my XM....

then after seeing the pics of other people with cdp in their cars (the big bodys) it got me thinking... maybe I should add a cdp? So now I am not sure what I am going to do...

my options are, keep what I have... get the origanal tape player, or add a cd player.... but keeping this car all origanal really isn't a matter to me....

If I get a cdp (probably a nice, used unit) I would want the direct connect so that I don't have to do the wireless FM thing (and put that stuff in the Olds) but either way, it dosn't matter....

the only other things I have in mind for the sound system... better rear speakers (nothing crazy.. maybe $60/pair Kenwood 2-ways that I liked) and then the head unit... and maybe one day an Infinity Basslink sub in the trunk.... about $200 + shipping new on ebay, and I heard they are very good... just to fill in the bass....

I know this is far longer then what I wanted... but what would you guys do? keep the 8-track for the nostilgic(sp) feeling... and just to say it has 8-track... or upgrade to the factory cassette to get better control of the sound and usefulness of the tape player... or just get a nice cdp for CD's and better sound and whatnot?

03-11-05, 12:52 AM
I like the "stock" look. It all depends on if you are trying to build a "stereo car". If you are, then no, the stock head unit doesn't have anywhere near enough power to drive decent speakers. However, it isn't so weak that it won't power aftermarket speakers at all (I plan to change out my 4x6 and 6x9 as funds allow.)

Me personally, I am keeping my stock unit...but here's where it gets complicated. My '85 has the same unit yours has, except cassette and the factory CB radio. The actual CB controls are on the head unit, and the transceiver lives behind the dash. To replace the head would mean no CB...and I like talking with/listening to the truckers...oh yeah, and the fact that I just bought a $150 triband AM/FM/CB power antenna a few months ago!

03-11-05, 01:11 AM
add a cd player.... but keeping this car all origanal really isn't a matter to me....

Yeah... If you don't mind it not being original put in a nice CD head unit, or an MP3 CD one so you're not changing out CDs all the time.

Night Wolf
03-11-05, 01:58 AM
yeah the Alpine in the '93 plays MP3....

honeslty, I mostly listen to the XM... but now that I have (well, still putting) all my CD's on to my computer, I want to make multiple MP3 CD's with all my favorite songs frmo all my CD's....

I like the "stock look" but don't want to keep the car stock... if that makes any sense... if I wanted to keep the car origanal, I woudln't do any of the enigne work I am doing... but I like the simple 2 knob origanal radio... which I must say, power the speakers (even the Kenwoods in the front) rather well... but

Which is why I was thinking about getting a factory cassette player for it... the extra bass and treble controls... and the cassette part so I can use the adapter for XM/cd's/MP3 (I plug my MP3 player into it also)

As it is now, the wireless FM thing dosn't sound all that good, and I get LOTS of feedback from the engine, or anything ran off the electrical system. But i think that may be the anetnna since FM reception is bad, and... when the headlights are on, it actually picks up stations better (not static but kinda "clicks" on and off)

but I just bought a NOS OEM power antenna for the car, so I can't wait to see how that works... plus, it'll make the car look cleaner when it is down. the antenna on it is broke... well the motor works (when plugged in) but the belt broke so it dosn't do anything.

03-11-05, 09:41 AM
I like the stock look in my 90 Brougham so I left the original radio in place, and removed the glove box. Right now my Blaupuknt is sitting on a piece of wood with an old shirt rolled up to keep the road bumps nice and easy, and duct tape holding it in place. I'm gonna take the glove box piece and form a nice looking "face" for everything with fiberglass in a few weeks. Then again, this might not work for some people, cause my radio has a little "eye" you can put up to 4 feet away from the deck and you point the remote at that, that way I'm not opening the glove box everytime a shitty song comes on. This has worked great for me so far, just another option to consider.


03-11-05, 01:12 PM
I would keep the stock setup and invest in some 8-tracks:

03-13-05, 08:34 PM
Mount it on the floor lump between the driver and passenger seat. This guy made a small box to fit the radio. Matched the color to the box to the floor and shared the radio with the caddy and full size custom van he had. He just left the wireing harness and went to his other car with the radio that had the same harness. He said he was better that way then spending close to 800 dollars for 2 Mp3 players, when he can only drive one car at a time.I thought he was dumb but when I thought about it more he made perfect sense to buy one good CD\Radio and spend 40 bucks for a extra harness.

Mount the new radio under the ashtray. I later seen so many people do this. I use to think it was just people I knew that did this. I even seen a Lil Jon in a rap video do it as well. you might think it will look ugly but I have enjoyed it under the dash for so long until I had my 4th child and needed to place my biggest in the middle of me and the spouse until the child seat stage was done. My oldest knee kept banging against the radio making the cd skip alot.

Night Wolf
03-13-05, 09:36 PM
I would keep the stock setup and invest in some 8-tracks:

You know, I forgot to mention, that is another option.....

The only real type of music I like from this era is classic rock, but there is enough of it to go around... just for kicks I am going to buy some Pink Floyd 8-tracks.... fire it up and see if it'll still work...

still undecided though....

03-14-05, 10:00 PM
Hi, what I would do is similar to what I plan on doing to this 1981 Seville, if I can ever close the deal with the guy, the car had a non working AM-FM Digital Stereo, and I have a NOS GM Early 80's Olds non Digital AM-FM-8 Track Stereo Delco. I plan on putting it in and if it ever quits then I'll contact the company licensed by GM to make replacement radios, their sold in JC Whitney and other catalogs, but are cheaper direct, and get a AM-FM-CASS.
Thanks, Dave

03-15-05, 10:42 PM
You know, I forgot to mention, that is another option.....

The only real type of music I like from this era is classic rock, but there is enough of it to go around... just for kicks I am going to buy some Pink Floyd 8-tracks.... fire it up and see if it'll still work...

still undecided though....

The only problem you might have with the old 8 track tape player is the belt, they tend to dry rot and fall apart, other than that just clean the head and play some tunes!!:thumbsup:

I have in my 78 coupe the digital am/fm signal seek ans scan with 8 track tape player with the factory 27 year old speakers and it works great my cad has only 91k original miles and is triple yellow in color, keep the 8 track and enjoy

if you want to play mp3s go and get yourself a 8track to cassette adaptor,
you just put your cd to cassette adaptor on this device and bam! mp3 or cd tunes:eek:

here is a pic of one on ebay for sale for only $0.99 usd!
here is its Item number: 5761025122

i hope this info helps you out
i have just this type of adaptor for about ten years or longer and i have had no complants, this idea works even if the your 8 track tape players belt is broken!:cool: :woohoo: :shocked2: :band:


03-16-05, 09:42 PM
Holy jesus that is some state of the art equipment ^ never seen that before

If you think just pluging in new speakers gives you better sound wait till you plug in a new stereo with STEREO sound and more watts than that old 8 track. Even the cheapest cd player makes 40-45 watts per channel. I dont know much about satalite radios but if you already have that maybe you could find a cheap enough reciever to hook up. Especially if you dont care about the factory look.

Then maybe you can take the 8 track to an antique show and make a couple bucks.

I was thinking about keeping the factory radio in my 69 but it is useless and I dont want a radio mounted under the dash like some people do or in the glove box so im gonna take it out and cut a bigger hole and make a real radio fit.

So my thoughts would be to replace it with a new one.

03-16-05, 11:05 PM
:hmm: :holycrap: :jawdrop:

03-16-05, 11:56 PM

YES!!! Heh, now I wish I had an 8-track.

03-17-05, 06:43 PM
YES!!! Heh, now I wish I had an 8-track.

Oh Hell YEAH!!! 8 tracks kick @$$
they work very well for being 30+ years old, very fun
KEEP YOUR GM 8TRACK ALL GM!:drinker :bouncy: :rant2: :D

Night Wolf
03-17-05, 10:15 PM
I just bid on that 8-track/cassette thing... the factory 8-track is staying!!!!!!

What do you mean get a radio with STEREO? mine is stereo....

I put the 2-way Kenwood 4x6's in the dash, only because I had them... I gotta say, they made a nice difference, now the real speakers are very muddy... good bass though.

Right now for my XM I am using wireless FM thing, which sucks... feedback like crazy from the engine and anything electrical.... atleast with the 8-track adapter I can use a cassette adapter for XM or CD's.... and who knows if it even works....(belt) the only 8-track I have is the origanal one that came with the car.. still sealed int he box... and staying like that.

I just want it to sound "good" (in which case it sound "good" when stock) but since I got new front speakers, I am going to replace the rear speakers in the future too....

the cdp isn't a "real" 45wpc... that is "peak" power.. whcih means nothing at all... RMS is what really counts, in which case it is about 18wpc RMS... this factory '79 jobber is probally 6-8wpc... which is fine for what I use it with.

I guess I am lucky to have the FM (and digital) because on an older car with AM-only... that would really be a pain.

Plus, this isn't my car for any sort of sound system contest or anything... my '93 DeVille is for that... that has the CD/MP3 player, 6-speaker system, 2 amps, 1 for car speakers 1 for sub, nicely wired up, factory looking XM etc....

03-18-05, 11:34 AM
Stock is boring. If you were driving an original SS454 Chevelle or some other valuable classic then by all means leave it original. Our Caddy's wont be appreciating in value anytime soon (if at all), so have fun with it.

Night Wolf
03-19-05, 12:41 AM
I don't know if everyone understands though....

this is NOT going to be a loud sound system car or anything flashy.... I put the new speakers in the front only because I had them (got them free too) and I want better back speakers only to match the front speakers...

I just want a better way to listen to my MP3 player and XM Sat. Radio then the wireless jobber I have now... there is wayyy too much feedback and it dosn't sound very good. If this 8-track/cassette adapter works, and I can use a normal cassette adapter with it, then I think I will have finally found a soultion...

Maybe one day I would like to get a nice sound system in it, I was thinking of an Infinity BassLink just for some bass... but I have much better ways to spend the money.

*THIS* is the sound system in the '93 Caddy :)

the deck is an Alpine CDA-9807 MP3/WMA cdp, I have a Delphi Roady XM receiver. the rear speakers are Infinity Kappa 693.5i 3-way 6x9's, the front speakers are the factory 5 1/4" mid-range int he doors with tweeters in the dash (next to be upgraded) Powering all these in cabin speakers is a 4ch. Alpine amp, 80watts/channel RMS (real watts) MRV-540 IIRC... beast of an amp. For the sub is a 325wattx1 MTX amp driving a 15" RF sub in a sealed box. This is all wired together by me using 4ga power cable and 12ga speaker wire, there isa distrubution box in the trunk for the 2 amps. I currently do not use the cap... infact I think I killed it....

Like I said, the front speakers need to be upgraded to the Infinity Kappa Perfect 5.1 component system, after that I need to work on the sub, it is too boomy... I am going to dump the RF and try a new driver... if that dosn't work, I want 2 10's instead of the 15.... I didn't pick the box, sub or the amp (MTX) out... just got a great deal on it (along with the Kenwood 4x6 in the '79.. he gave them to me as a bonus) but it does fill the bass in nice... and for rap and real bass heavy music... really make the car shake... I just want more punchy bass... it kinda ruins an otherwise refined system.

But, I spend, and will be continuing to spend most my time int he '93, so that is also why it gets the nice sound system... the '79 really dosn't get driven much... right now it is because my Oldsmobile is in the body shop.... but really, I don't drive it all that often... once I start building it up that is another story.

So like I said... this is why I do not want to go crazy... I just wanted a more solid way to use XM/MP3... and I was not aware of this really neat 8-track/cassette thingy.... so with that, I have found the answer... I still want to buy some 8-tracks... lets hope the old geezer will still work and I will be doing good :)

Night Wolf
03-19-05, 12:54 AM
Here is the high fidelity system on the '79 :)

actually this pic was taken the night i got the car.. dirty and back in may '04... with over 4k miles less on it...

03-21-05, 08:07 AM
I put a panasonic MXE 8400(I think) in mine and it looks an performs GREAT! 1000 times better than the stock radio when looks are concerned. I'll try to post a pic later, but I get complements on it all the time. Also, it has an AUX for something like xm radio.

Night Wolf
03-21-05, 06:57 PM
well, another change in plans....

I got out bid on that 8-track thing, and while at the junk yard, from the same '86 Fleetwood Brougham I got lots of interrior parts from... was an AM/FM/cassette radio that is just like my 8-track... it has treble and bass controls, fader, balance etc.... so I pulled it...

It was $18... not bad at all, in fact I got a whole bunch of stuff today for not alot of money... I will post pics....