View Full Version : Are my cats/front pipes aftermarket?

07-31-13, 09:24 AM
Hi guys, im pretty new the the Cadi/LSX scene. The car is a 2005 V with a Corsa exhaust. Im just wondering if these cats/front pipes look aftermarket or if they are indeed stock. To me they look aftermarket but like I said earlier im a newb. Thanks!

This pic shows the underside where it connects to the cat back.
This pic shows the mounting point to the manifold.

07-31-13, 10:11 AM
yes. those are for sure aftermarket high flow cats that have been put in up there. I have thought about doing this myself but also have thought about putting them further downstream in the midpipe area. that way it would move the restriction further downstream.

What are your thoughts on sound and performance? I have the Corsa myself and wondered about doing the mandrel bent prefabbed ones very similar to what you have there.


07-31-13, 10:24 AM
The sound is amazing! Still pretty tame under id say 4k rpms just like a normal Corsa from what i hear. But with those front pipes it makes it sound more nasty up high! When i rev it for buddies I do a couple quick revs to 4k and they are kinda unimpressed, then I rap it out and it gets everyone's attention!

07-31-13, 10:50 AM
That sounds cool! Do you have any other mods yet? I keep going back and forth on what route to do. Most of it has to do with costs!


07-31-13, 11:53 AM
Yeah, its got a k&n intake, short shifter, dropzone coilovers. Thats about all I can tell so far. Its still new to me so until I take it to my buddy's shop and have them take a look at it and strap it to the dyno then i should know more about it.