: Edgar's 1980 Coupe walk around

07-31-13, 07:48 AM
Figured I share, with you fine folks here, a little video of my car, a small walkaround and interior shot as well...
Color code 54, top code E, interior code 603. It has over 344,791 miles as you'll see. Interior has seat covers that were kindly donated off another Caddy while visiting the local JY. Leather on seats are showing its age...
A few dings/dents in it but nothing major..trunk, rear right quarter, right front fender. Grille is not correct for car but that's what I was able to find. Fleetwood rockers were "donated" as well and installed by yours truly, very easy. Vintage 80s Texas plates, lazy eyes headlight half shields, "DEVILLE" scripts added on as third brake light, true dual exhaust, added on trunk reflectors, radio concealed in glove box, perfect door sill plates..passenger side as well but not shown..also "donated" from JY.
View My Video (http://tinypic.com/r/1zwkrd3/5)
I was going to also upload a small 3 min. video of me driving her back into her hibernating spot, but tinypic is taking forever...lol