: New 1990 Brougham Owner. Buttt.

03-09-05, 04:15 PM
I'm not the biggest car guy in the world, but am trying!

I recently just bought a 1990 Brougham D’elegance (5.0l). It's beautiful. Minor fender damage but a flawless interior.

1)The only real problems with it is that a fuse is out on the speedometer and being an every day driver, it's kind of annoying not knowing my speed. And to my luck, I've found the fuse box but cannot locate which one is the speedometer fuse! Ugh! Does anyone have a clue?

2)I'm wanting to replace my headlight bulbs with some newer ones but I have no idea how to access the bulb. The sticker says to refer to the manual, but sadly I have no factory manual.

3)I used to be the proud owner of a 1987 Chrysler Fifth Avenue with a pretty good midrange system. I've found out speaker sizes for the Brougham but I'm REALLY worried about tearing up the interior (like I did for my POS Chrysler). Any audio suggestions/layouts/ideas/speaker setup would be grrrrreeeeeat. I'm probably just scrap my other speakers and get some good kenwood or sony or something...but ill keep my sub and amp. I'm not really worried about getting rid of the stock speakers because I plan on keeping this car forever.

In a year or so, I plan on putting in a 350, but for now I want to perfect my interior even more since my engine is running without any problems.

Any help to my questions would be wonderful.



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08-04-05, 10:22 PM
Hhmmm...well As For Stereo I'd Suggest A Panasonic Or Pioneer Head Unit. From What I Hear Sony Distorts The Bass. Infiniti Or Polk Speakers For The Interior. You 'should' Have 6 X 9's In The Rear (it's A Gm Vehicle). I Recommend Buying A Head Unit From A Place That Does Installation. That Way They'll Cut The Center Console To Fit Your Stereo.

Night Wolf
08-05-05, 12:00 AM
front speakers are 4x6, all speakers are easy to access... I have great luck with Alpine electronics and Infinity speakers.

headlights should be easy, you have the modern system, you should be able to twist (1/4 turn or so) the bulb form the housing.

fuse, check on the fuse box which fuse says dash or illumination or something... or just see which one is blown... but, fuses don't just go... they go for a reason....

08-05-05, 05:48 PM
2)I'm wanting to replace my headlight bulbs with some newer ones but I have no idea how to access the bulb. The sticker says to refer to the manual, but sadly I have no factory manual.

You need to buy a couple of screwdrivers. A regular philips should do. You also need to take off the trim which is a star (6 points) pattern. I'm not sure the size but if you measure it before buying. I bought it by eye and it worked out fine.

I'm saying this based on a 1987 Brougham, which has the twin headlamps. I think you have the single lamp on the 1990. NOt sure what you'll find under the trim.

08-06-05, 11:14 AM
Bulbs are easiest to change from the bottom. They turn-screw out from the back. Very easy, you'll figure it out quickly.

As to the stereo change, Tru and I have been corresponding for some time now through PM's because we both had the same mission in mind, leave the stock head-unit in place and put a CD player in the glovebox. We've both managed to accomplish this well. I stuck an amp in the trunk to power some 4-way 6x9 Pioneers. Put a Blaupnukt stereo and speakers up front.

As to your speedometer problem, I'm out of town right now but I will be back home tomorrow afternoon. If nobody can help you first, I'll get out my service manual and see what I can dig up. Good luck, welcome to "the last of the beautiful 4-doors."


08-08-05, 09:24 PM
hehe, old topic. im making a custom mount for my headunit, so thats all cool. i figured out the bulb replacement, except i officially hate cadillac turn signals :). the speedometer problem still baffles me. im guessing its the speed sensor but i really dont have money to bring my car to a mechanic...and i dont have a lift to check out/replace the speed sensor in my tranny (i think).