View Full Version : Motor sounds when door is opened.

07-30-13, 12:23 PM
Every time either front door is opened there is an electric motor sound with five clicks from the drivers' door, is this normal?

07-30-13, 02:56 PM
It could be your seat, mirror, and other things adjusting to the appropriate remote with your saved settings, if you're just walking up to it and opening the door through the proximity sensor (not unlocking it with the keyfob button). Also if you have the navigation screen tilted, it could be readjusting that too.

06 STS Rob
07-30-13, 04:38 PM
Yes, once the FOB is detected the car starts to "wake up".
The problem with this for me is when I'm on the phone and open the trunk. Although the car isn't ON, it will connect through the bluetooth and interupt my call...

07-30-13, 07:12 PM
Can you hear me now?

07-31-13, 02:13 PM
It was the outside mirror trying to adjust settings as CMNTMXR57 suggested but it was set all the way to the left and must have been hitting a stop. I adjusted the mirror to the right a little and that fixed it.

07-31-13, 03:21 PM
Things go whacky on this car a lot. Occasionally mine sets a module communications code (I forget what U code it is), and all the sudden I go to start the car up and I'm being crushed into the steering wheel and windshield as the power seat tries to go all the way forward...

I go clear the codes, and it's fine.