: Weird vibration on my CTS

07-30-13, 09:10 AM
I got this 09 CTS 4 last November, which has 32k on it. There are vibrations coming from two parts of the vehicle.
When the car stops at a stop sign, I can hear some really weird metal noise, like the exhaust was vibrating, and hits something made of metal.
Also, when I make a sharp turn (like 90 degrees), I can feel the car was shaking, or to be more specific, jumping. It's like there is a problem with my differentials. I talked to the local dealer about the second issue, and they told me that it was not a problem, since it is a AWD car. I don't know whether they're telling the truth, or simply they don't want to fix it since it is under warranty, and they can not make money from me.
Any suggestions?