: Factory NAV installation - 08 DTS - problem with GYRO signal

07-29-13, 10:57 PM
I'm in the process of installing a factory NAV unit in my 08 DTS Level III. Thanks to Dadillac for directing me to phigment's excellent installation post, I now know here all the "connector 3" wires are to go for MIC input, voice guidance output, and VSS speed input (5 wires in total). I haven't attached connector 3 just yet, but I'm far enough along that I have the unit in the dash, along with the GPS antenna, and as predicted, I had no AM/FM/XM/CD output out from the speakers, so I went to the Cad dealership who fixed that for me for $99 bucks, but on the way there I noticed that the nav screen's TRIANGLE always pointed to the right, no matter which direction I was driving, so I called up the Diagnostic mode and went to the GYRO info screen and see that while the signal in mV is good (ranges from 2400 to 2700 or so) but the OFFSET (whatever that is) is always ZERO as is the bearing degrees, so it appears my NAV has no idea which direction the car is headed in. Yesterday, for my first trip around the block, the "triangle" was turning as I went around the block, so I don't know what happened between yesterday & today. I would have thought GYRO info would be coming in via the SERIAL data wire and not like the VSS wire, so I did a search for GYRO and don't see any conversation about that in the DTS forum and not a lot of action in the other forums, either.

Any info on the GYRO sensor and its wiring for the DTS would be appreciated!


08-02-13, 11:29 PM
Im sure i can pull you a complete diagram of what you need but I just need to know the physical location of the gyro. From what I read in other GM forums the gyro is inside the nav unit in the Volt, some say its the antennae. Either way i have no idea where to start looking. Please let me know i can post pics of the wiring, connector pinouts, and overall schematic of the system

08-04-13, 11:18 PM
Good news on my NAV installation - once I hooked up the VSS wire the NAV unit started working much better -- including the GYRO readouts in Diagnostic mode as well as the "triangle" pointer itself on the screen now points in the correct compass direction all the time. I think I had my Accelerometer mixed up with my Gyro - I don't think the Gryo is an external sensor at all, but it must make use of the VSS sensor wire to operate properly. While I don't have a service manual for 06-11 DTS's I checked my 04 Seville manual and it shows no Gyro sensor (just the YAW and Accelorometer sensors).