: 2006 DTS Rotors and Brake Pads Suggestions

07-29-13, 07:30 PM
Does anybody have any suggestions on which Rotors and brake pads I should buy? OEM or Aftermarket?

07-30-13, 01:07 AM
I replaced mine with OEM

07-30-13, 08:13 AM
Well . ., :coffee:

:spin:I replaced front rotors w/ Raybestos Advanced Technology - http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=1134196&cc=1432039

:spin:I replaced front pads w/ Akebono ProAct Ultra Premium - http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=947106&cc=1432039

:yup: ~ Rear OEM rotors & pads were still good.


07-30-13, 08:25 AM
All depends on the state of your wallet, the types of driving you do, your DIY abilities, and whether or not you want a little extra bling for someone looking through the wheel spokes.

Study this site as well as all the links in it ----- lots of food for thought.



07-30-13, 09:45 PM
Thanks Guys for the suggestions. I will research and let you know my decision.

07-31-13, 11:32 PM

I decided to go with the Wearever Platinum Premium Ceramic Brake Pads - Front (4-Pad Set) Part No PNAD1159 Warranty LIMITED LIFETIME REPLACEMENT. Please don't yell at me. Based off the stoptech article, the rotors are not warped. It's the uneven material from the pad.

So I decided to get aftermarket ceramics with free replacement warranty just in case the rotors destroy them.

Is my logic flawed?

08-01-13, 08:22 AM
It is very, very, very unlikely that you have a bad rotor.
If your car still has the original brakes pads or if they were replaced with the original pads... what you have is a buildup of pad material on the rotors.
This will cause a shuddering feel when you apply the brakes... the hotter the brakes and rotors are... the worse it will feel.

I know... I had the same problem for several years till I replaced the pads on my car.
Now it is smooth as silk.

There are reformulated pads available the eliminate this problem.

Part number for the front... ACDelco 171-0985
Part number for the rear... ACDelco 171-0954

I did not replace any of my rotors... just the brake pads.
Vibration, shuddering and brake pedal pulsation is gone.

I used the new OEM pads because my old pads with 90,000 miles still had over half of the pad left.
I only wanted to do the job once, so I went with OEM.

The pads are easy to replace.
I did it myself in the driveway...