: New Owner 1st Cadillac Glad to find a website like this one!

07-28-13, 10:38 PM
My wife took over her mothers 1997 Eldorado which has been kept in mint condition since it was purchased. The car has about 82K miles, the body is in great shape , the interior has a few issues. The door panel has come apart at the bottom of the panel, not sure were to find the proper clips or if they were part of the panel and are broken off ? The vinyl panels behind the doors seem to be coming away from the frame work like they are shrinking or something. I would like to keep this car in A-1 condition and any input would be greatly appreciated. I am also having issues with the gas gauge and I put a post on the Eldorado forum. Thanks Brian

07-28-13, 11:08 PM
Welcome, Brian! I think you will really enjoy your Eldorado. They are great sources here of info to keep your car in great shape.

07-28-13, 11:39 PM

07-29-13, 12:22 AM
Welcome! Let's see the Caddy!

For door clips, check the Help! rack at your local parts store.

07-29-13, 08:37 AM
Hi Brian! :welcome5:

07-29-13, 10:52 AM

See you in the Eldo forum .